Your Wedding Skin Care Preparation Countdown

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Every bride wants beautiful flawless skin on her big day, which is what makes her wedding skin care preparation ever so important!

Beauty therapists Sophie and her team at Harmony Skin and Beauty help brides to be every day prepare for their wedding day. We asked them for their advice on wedding skin care and they happily shared some preparation tips with us.

Wedding skin care

Your Wedding Skin Care Countdown

Great skin doesn’t happen overnight unless you are one of the lucky one percent of brides! It requires dedication, patience and the right beauty treatments over several months in the lead up to your big day. In fact, you should really start preparing around six months beforehand, right up to your wedding day.

  • Start eating healthy and exercising regularly, and get into the habit of drinking plenty of water – ideally, you need around 8 glasses of water a day, and remember for every cup of coffee you drink you need another cup of water on top of this.
  • Six months before – now is the time to pay a visit to your beauty therapist. They will be able to complete a full analysis of your skin, identifying areas which need attention. They can prescribe treatments and products to target your problem areas. Begin having microdermabrasion treatments on your face, arms, and shoulders if necessary. You can also begin a hair removal program, such as the Adéna S-IPL Technology. This will remove and reduce the reoccurrence of hair, plus leave your skin rejuvenated and feeling silky smooth.
  • Three months before – if you haven’t already, begin the careful process of creating a defined brow shape. If necessary, your beauty therapist can also begin tinting brows and lashes to improve their appearance and cover up grey hairs. You should book for another skin analysis to check on the progress since your previous appointment. This gives you enough time to make changes should the original plan not be working.
  • Two months before – begin your spray tan regime. Now is the time to check shades and ensure you are happy with them. Your final spray tan should be around three to four days before your wedding. Book in a facial too – you deserve it!
  • One month before – hopefully, you’ve been eating healthily and drinking plenty of water. If not, then get serious on this now! Your skin will thank you for it. Be sure you are using a high-quality SPF moisturiser, as there is nothing worse than peeling, sunburnt skin.

In the last four weeks before your big day, your wedding skin care routine should be well and truly established. Be sure to share any concerns you have with your skin care therapist, as they really are a bride’s best friend! If you’re getting married in or around the Alexandra or Central Otago area, we recommend contacting the team at Harmony Skin and Beauty. They are incredibly skilled and are amazing to work with.

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