Your Ultimate Engagement Party Checklist

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You’ve got the ring and told your friends, making it now the time to create your engagement party checklist. Why a checklist, I hear you ask? Well, when it comes to anything wedding related, its vital that not a single step is missed out. Your engagement party checklist will ensure that you remember all those important jobs such as invitations, catering and event decorating.

But don’t stress about not knowing what to add to your checklist as we’ve made one for you. Let’s check it out …

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The NZ Bride’s Engagement Party Checklist

It’s your last party before your next big thing – your wedding! While tradition says it is the bride’s parents who host an engagement party, most couples nowadays are doing it themselves.

But before you jump in, you need to have a list of what to do. That’s why we’ve put together this great engagement party checklist,  just for you! Here’s what you’ll need to think about:

  • Decide who is hosting your engagement party. In other words, who’s paying. Of course, those who pay, also get to make the decisions and do the organising too…
  • Name the date – as it’s a party to celebrate your engagement, have it close to the date you got engaged. Within three months is about usual.
  • Book the venue – are you hosting it at a local pub or at home in the garden?
  • Make a guest list – it’s good etiquette to invite people to your engagement party if you are also planning on inviting them to your wedding. Take a read of our article What Engagement Party Etiquette Do I Need to Know About? to find out more.
  • Send the invites – now your hosts, date, guests and venue are sorted, send out the engagement party invites.
  • Plan your menu – are you having a sit-down meal or nibbles?
  • Choose your decorations – do you have a colour theme? What type of decorations does your venue suit best?
  • Organise music – what will everyone listen to? Is there going to be dancing?
  • Entertainment – are you organising any entertainment such as a photo booth or musicians?

Should You Organise a Gift Registry for Your Engagement Party?

This is a bit of a tricky one. While traditionally newly engaged couples have been given presents upon their engagement, registering for them is only new. However, some couples believe it makes sense that they should say what gifts would be appropriate on their engagement party invitations. We believe though, that it’s not good etiquette to include any registry list with your invites, but that if you are asked about one, you can mention it.

Is there anything we’ve missed in our engagement party checklist that we’ve missed? Let us know below in the comments!




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