Your Complete Wedding Skincare Guide

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In the months and weeks leading up to your special day, your wedding skincare regimen becomes very important. Every bride wants (a deserves) a glowing and flawless complexion, helping her look and feel amazing on her wedding day. The good news is, achieving such a complexion is easy, and today we’ll share with you some of the most important wedding skincare tips.

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A Bride’s Ultimate Wedding Skincare Guide

Beautiful skin is the goal, and we’re going to do our best to ensure you have just that. So, we’ve put together a collection of tried and tested tips from our gorgeous ladies at Harmony Skin and Beauty for you:

  • Start early – ideally, begin your skincare regimen a year before your wedding day. This gives you time to assess your current skin condition, and seek advice if necessary.
  • Book in some facials – plan to have a few professional facials to help pamper your skin (and soul). Remember not to book any too close to your wedding day though.
  • Get on top of the shine – if you are prone to excess facial oil, now is the time to begin to keep it under control. This helps lower the risk of breakouts, clogged pores and stop that shine.
  • Drink plenty of water – your skin and your body will thank you for it! Water keeps us hydrated and looking fabulous. Green tea is also great for our bodies, and with plenty of antioxidants, it helps make your skin bright!
  • Wear an SPF moisturiser – not only to ‘feed’ your skin but keep it safe from our harsh sun. This goes for your face and the rest of your body. Remember to pop on an SPF lip gloss too.
  • Not a big makeup wearer? Have a trial and talk through any concerns with your makeup artist.
  • Banish cold sores – if you are prone to cold sores, chat with your GP a few months before the wedding about taking an antiviral medicine to prevent any from showing up.
  • Wash your hands and your makeup brushes often – there are bacteria everywhere and you certainly don’t want it on your face. Bacteria are a major cause of breakouts, so be sure to keep your hands and your makeup brushes clean.
  • Fancy a spray tan or other beauty treatment? – if you are planning on a bronze glow or any other skin care treatment, then it’s crucial you talk with your beautician first. They can advise on the best times to get this done, as well as what before and aftercare you’ll need to do.
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For more advice on wedding skincare, we recommend you contact one of our amazing  Southern Bride Verified vendors. They’ve got the expertise to help you look and feel amazing both in the lead up to and on your wedding day!

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