Who Wears Boutonnieres At A Wedding

The wedding boutonniere is a common piece of wedding attire that the groom and groomsmen usually wear on the big day.

But what is a boutonniere Who wears boutonnieres at a wedding? And how do you wear a boutonniere on the big day? Here we break down everything you need to know about these gorgeous flower accessories.

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boutonnieres attached to grooms lapel.

What is a boutonniere?

Similar to a corsage, a boutonniere (also known as an “attache”) sits at shoulder level and is more commonly worn by males at a wedding.

The word boutonnière derives from the French word for “buttonhole flower” and became popular in the 19th century with followers of the Romantic movement.

Today, boutonnieres are used on special occasions such as weddings, proms, or ceremonies. When worn at weddings, they often match the flowers of the bride’s wedding corsage.

Who wears boutonnieres at a wedding?

Though traditionally boutonnieres are worn by those who identify as male in the wedding party, they can be worn by anyone wearing a suit.

The groom, groomsmen, the bride and groom’s dads, the ring bearer, ushers, grandfathers, MCs, and any other VIP members in the wedding usually wear a boutonniere.

The boutonnieres should be pinned onto the jackets before the wedding ceremony so they can be worn throughout the whole wedding day.

mpther and father boutonniere and corsage on a table.

What side does a boutonniere go on?

Traditionally the boutonniere is pinned on the left lapel of the suit. Almost all suit lapels will have a buttonhole and the boutonniere will be placed directly over this.

A jacket that doesn’t have a buttonhole will require florist pins to hold it in place. The following steps should be used when figuring out how to wear a boutonniere:

  • Find the ideal position on the lapel or suit just above the heart on their left side.
  • Push the pin from underneath the lapel and thread it through the top section of the flower stem and then back through the lapel.
  • Decide if you need two pins to hold the boutonniere firmly in place.
  • Make sure the pins are hidden behind the flower.

The flowers

The types of flowers used in your wedding boutonnieres usually match the brides bouquet and the colors of your wedding theme.

You could also embrace the natural flora of your venue and choose florals that are local to your wedding spot. The flower type can be a personal choice and a nice way to share something special with those at your wedding.

If you’re on a tight budget, the wedding boutonnieres can be made with artificial flowers. This will also ensure that they last forever.

boutonnieres, corsages inside a delivered box.

DIY wedding boutonnieres

Wedding boutonnieres are more simple to make yourself than other wedding floral pieces.

If you’re looking to create your own boutonnieres for people in your wedding party, then keep these tips in mind:

  • Select fresh flowers over fake ones if possible
  • Consider using different types of greenery to give your arrangements more dimension
  • Look for stems that are sturdy enough to hold up throughout the ceremony and reception

Final thoughts

Wedding boutonnieres are a beautiful piece of wedding attire to add to your wedding party look.

Whether you get them as part of a wedding package from your wedding florist or you decide to make them yourself, they are a special touch to have on the wedding day.

After the wedding, the boutonnieres can also be dried and kept as a memento of the special day.  

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