5 Wedding Videography Styles To Choose From

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You know you need a wedding videographer, but you’re not too sure on what wedding videography style to pick. Here we cover 5 types of wedding videography styles to help you pick the right style for your wedding video and as a way to shortlist the best wedding videographers.

There are five key wedding videography styles to select from. Each have their own pros and cons, and you’ll find that videographers will specialize in only one or two of them.

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bride and groom at wedding cermony with bridal dress flowing in the windas they look at each other.


Just like movies, the cinematic style uses the same angles and filters a movie uses. There is less of a linear timeline focus and more attention on capturing the themes and stories of your wedding day. There can be a lot of direction from the videographer in where to stand and with whom, and don’t be surprised to see drones flying around.

Short form

Often the short form wedding videography style is combined with another. That’s because it is a short version of your day, edited to be around 20 minutes or shorter.


This style video can use a voice over to narrate the events of your wedding day, or perhaps music and text to give the video a love story theme. There is less emphasis on capturing the funny moments or aesthetic details. Storytelling is often used with the cinematic style in videos too.


There’s a big focus on capturing the unplanned and ‘real’ moments, this style doesn’t have the polished look a cinematic video does. It follows the timeline of your wedding day, and the videographer is less intrusive in what they do. You probably won’t even notice they are there.


Like the name says, this videography style is focused on what happens during your ceremony and reception. Less focus is made on what happens behind the scenes or small details which make up a wedding day.

Wedding Videographer recording wedding couple.

Choosing a style

How do you choose the right videography style for you? A good way to think about it is to ask yourself, what would you like to see of your wedding day in twenty years’ time?

A step by step play of the day or to see the tiny details which make a wedding special?

We can’t make that decision for you, but we can suggest that you talk with your shortlist of wedding videographers who can help you decide.

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