What to Look for When Choosing Your Wedding Guest Accommodation

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Often brides find themselves needing to organise wedding guest accommodation for out of town family and friends. They then include details about accommodation options together with their wedding invitations or save the dates. We talked with Riverridge Retreat, a beautiful wedding destination in South Otago, for their tips on choosing wedding guest accommodation.

6 Tips on Choosing Wedding Guest Accommodation

Researching wedding guest accommodation may be yet another thing to add to your to-do list, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. We’ve put together this list of six key considerations for you when looking for accommodation for your wedding guests:

  1. Think about budgets – your guests will most likely have different financial circumstances. Offering a few different accommodation options at different price levels will help them make the most appropriate choice.
  2. Guest types – will your guests be requiring family-friendly accommodation, or just for couples? How about any guests with disabilities or needing specific amenities? Look for accommodation which can offer a range of services and room options.
  3. Wedding location – guests from out of town may not have transport for between the ceremony, reception and accommodation venues. Consider choosing a wedding venue that offers all three options in one place, such as Riverridge Retreat.
  4. Size – how many guests will you need to find accommodation options for? Is there some flexibility in how the accommodation can work, such as adjoining rooms or sharing options?
  5. Viewing – it is always best to visit the accommodation options before recommending them to your guests. This ensures you see for yourself what the rooms look like, the standard of the rooms and the amenities. Are they something you would be happy staying in?
  6. Availability – make sure that the accommodation venues can host your guests over your wedding date. Check that there are no major local events planned that have already pre-booked the venues, such as sports games or conferences.

Riverridge Retreat has wedding guest accommodation for up to 80 guests throughout a variety of accommodation types. They can also seat up to 130 guests at their reception venue, making it the ultimate all in one South Island wedding destination venue. For more information or to book a time to visit, please view their Southern Bride Verified listing today.

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