70 Wedding Favor Ideas

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If you’re trying to decide on a bonbonniere to give wedding guests, we hope something on this list gives you a eureka moment. Here is our guide to more than 70 different wedding favor ideas.

Giving guests a gift for coming to your wedding might seem a little odd at first – they’re supposed to be celebrating you and giving you presents, not the other way round?

But wedding favors are a nice way to say thank you for coming and express your gratitude for your wedding guest’s attending. Plus as a guest, it’s always an entertaining bonus when you get to the wedding reception and find a fun treat waiting for you.

It is important to note that wedding favors are optional. Many decide not to do wedding favors for their wedding if the wedding budget is tight.

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Food based wedding favors

Something to nibble on while waiting for the wedding entrée, or something to take home, food always goes down a treat. Here’s some of our favorite food items that make fantastic wedding favors.

  1. Candy bar
    lolly bar jar tags

2. Donut wall

Donut Wall here

3. Nut bar

4. Popcorn bar

5. Sugared/candied almonds – the traditional wedding favor.

6. Personalized chocolates (Get personalized wrappers and share your favorite choc).

7. Homemade chocolate chip cookies

chocolate chip cookies on baking paper.

8. Mints (Play on the “Mint to be” and have a little fun)

9.A sampler of your favorite spices or herbs

10. A personalized bottle of wine. Although this may impact the wedding budget to give a bottle of wine to each guest.

11. Jam/preserves (bonus points if made by you or a family member)

12. Make your own Fudge

13. Shortbread

14. Sugar Cookies

15. Personalized M&Ms. You can even by bulk ones of particular colors.

16. Jelly beans. Match the colours to your wedding theme.jelly bean wedding favor with thank you tag

17. Infused oil

18. Hershey’s kisses with personalized stickers

19. Truffles

20. Honey

meant to bee honey tags for wedding favours

21. Cookie kits in a jar – you can get these tags made, then fill up a jar with the dry ingredients

22. Smores kits

23. Homebrew. Check with your wedding venue in case this upsets their liquor license requirements.

24. Small bottles of liquor
take a shot we tied the knot tag nz

25. Biscotti

26. Fortune Cookies – these ones can be customized to your wedding theme and you can even write your own fortunes to include in the cookiecustom fortune cookie wedding favor

27. Infused salt

28. Pretzels – complete with personalized bag.
we tied the knot pretzel bag for a wedding favor

29. Lollipops
heart shaped lollipop wedding favor

30. A sampler of your favourite teabags/tea  (could also use this for coffee)
the perfect blend tea wedding favour

31. Mason jar drinks (make it clear that the jars are to keep, otherwise guests might leave their glass behind)

32. Coffee Snobs? Why not share some of your favorite beans
coffee wedding favour nz

Gender-specific favours

You can personalize guest gifts even further with something for the women and something different for the men. Of course you can use the ideas on either list for anyone.

Wedding favors for women


33. Wine Charms (could double as a placename for your guests)

34. Handkerchief

35. Soap
lavender soap wedding favour

36. Homemade body scrub

37. Hand lotion/body butter

38. Lip balm

39. Candle

40. Hair tie

Wedding favors for men

41. Cigars

42. Monogrammed Whisky Glasses

43. Bottle opener (this one would be good for a nautical themed wedding)

44. Keyring

45. Bottle/can hugger

Useful wedding favors on the wedding day

Make your wedding favors do double duty and pick a favor that can do some extra work on your wedding day.

46. Cute coasters

47. Mini blackboard – can double as a wedding place card.

48. Menus that are personalized with the guest name on front and information (including the menu) inside. Can also have a cookie recipe and cookie cutter tied on the back. 059_Winmill_Creative_web060_Winmill_Creative_web

49. Sparklers for a “sparkler exit”
sparkler wedding favor

50. Rose petals for a petal toss

51. Pot plants/succulents/herbs (can double as greenery for the table)

52. Pop a personalized tag on a jar of their favorite sweets to do double duty with wedding favors

Other wedding favors ideas

If nothing is sparking inspiration just yet, have no fear. Here are some different wedding bonbonnieres.

53. Clay tags
clay tag wedding favours

54. A donation to your favorite charity

55. A card with a personal message and photo with the couple

56. Wine stoppers
wine stopper bombonieres

57. Potted tree seedlings

58. Air plants in a gorgeous mini planter

59. Shot glass

60. Magnet

61. Adorable mini lanterns

62. Bubbles

63. Flower seeds – if you have a particular flower that suits your theme, it might be nice to give those sorts of flowers.
let love grow rubber stamp for wedding favor

64. On a similar vein, seed bombs.

65, Lottery tickets

66. Coffee mug

67. Maracas

68. Matches
matches wedding favour

69. Hangover kit

70. Luggage tags


We hope that these 70 different wedding favors get the creative juices flowing for your wedding day. Wedding favors are a fun piece of memorable to give to your guests and thinking about how to plan a wedding.

If you have another idea from what’s listed please let us know.

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