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Wedding Day Gifts for the Bride from the Maid of Honor

Choosing the perfect gift for the bride can be daunting, especially if you are the Maid of Honor. After all, this is not just any gift – this is a token of your affection, respect, and joy on one of the most important days of her life. Read through our post of beautiful wedding day gifts for the bride from the Maid of Honor to make her special day unforgettable

When you’ve been given the honor of being the Maid of Honor, it’s an exciting and important role. It also comes with responsibilities and, yes, some expenses. Even so, it’s a nice touch to present the bride with a special gift on her wedding day. Don’t worry, though, this doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. Let’s explore some thoughtful and reasonably priced gift suggestions from the Maid of Honor to the bride on her big day.

Personalized jewelery

Nothing says unique and thoughtful like a personalized piece of jewelry. The perfect addition to the bride’s wedding day ensemble could be sterling silver or rose gold personalized jewelry. It’s a special gift, that can come in many different colors to match her style. A gift like a necklace with the wedding date or a bracelet with her new last name could be a touching and practical choice. These engraved photo lockets are our favorites!

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Custom Illustration

A custom illustration or painting of a meaningful place or moment can be a unique gift. It could be where the bride and groom first met, their proposal location, or even a picture of her childhood home. To add a more personal touch, consider commissioning an artist to paint a portrait of the bride in her wedding dress, a beautiful keepsake.

A personalized poem

A personalized poem from maid of honor to bride. This is such a lovely idea. Add a gorgeous frame, and you’ve got a gorgeous gift the bride can keep forever.

personalized Scrapbook

A scrapbook is a heartfelt gift that tells a story and stands the test of time. Include pictures of you two growing up, significant life events, handwritten letters, concert tickets, or any other memorabilia that holds sentimental value.

Self care package

A gift box filled with a face mask, lip balm, and other self-care products would be a perfect choice to help her relax after all the hard work of wedding planning. Buy a self-care package.

Subscription service

What better way to celebrate the beautiful bride than with a gift that keeps on giving? A subscription service to a wine club, book club, or gourmet food box would be a wonderful gift that will remind her of her wedding day long after the wedding party.

Personalized Champagne Flutes

A set of beautifully engraved champagne flutes makes for a wonderful keepsake. The glasses can be personalized with the wedding date, the couple’s initials, or a special message. These will serve as a delightful reminder of the big day every time they celebrate a special occasion. Buy champagne flutes.

You could also do a personalized coffee mug.

A plant or tree

Gift the couple a plant or tree they can nurture and grow as they begin their life together. An easy-to-maintain tree is a lemon tree, bay leaf, or olive tree. For indoors or for couples that don’t have a lot of time or expertise with plants, something easy maintenance like a succulent is a good bet.

A silk robe

Let your special bride feel a million dollars on her big day in a luxurious bridal robe, personalized to her. The other bridesmaids could chip in, too and get some for the whole bridal party

A homemade piece of art

If you’re an artist, how special would it be if you created a unique piece for the happy couple? A homemade gift like this would be so full of meaning.

Slippers with bride’s new name

Being a bridesmaid is already quite expensive, so this is great if you’re looking for something fun but not too expensive. They are personalized to have the bride’s new last name, so it’s still a personal gift. They can be worn at the sleepover before the wedding or taken on the honeymoon. Buy slippers.

Engraved Jewelry Box

A beautiful, engraved jewelry box can be a very thoughtful gift. Choose a box made from quality materials like wood or silver, and engrave it with her initials, the wedding date, or a special quote. It’s practical and a unique keepsake that she will treasure. We love this engraved jewelry box from Engraved Pretty.

Professional Wedding Dress Sketch

A professional sketch of the bride’s wedding dress can make a truly unique and sentimental gift. This is something that the bride can frame and hang in her home as a beautiful reminder of her special day.

Personalized Recipe Book

If the bride loves to cook or is looking forward to experimenting as a newlywed, a personalized recipe book could be a wonderful gift. Include some of your favorite recipes, and leave plenty of space for her to add her own. Buy a personalized recipe book.

Recipe Kitchen Towel

A printed kitchen towel with a delicious recipe the bride loves is also a sweet idea. Buy a recipe tea towel.

A Star Map

A star map is a unique and thoughtful gift that will be a keepsake for years to come. You can customize the map to show the exact alignment of the stars at a particular time and place – for example, the time and location of the wedding. Accompany the star map with a heartfelt note about how she is as indispensable to your life as the stars are to the night sky. Buy a custom star map.

Heirloom Gifts

Heirloom gifts like a ring dish or a vintage piece of jewelry are unique bridesmaid gifts that carry history and sentiment, making the bride’s day extra special. 

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