Wedding budget tips from real brides-to-be

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When I shared my wedding budget a couple of weeks ago, I knew it would be popular. It’s one of those topics everyone wants to know about, but not many people share. But the popularity let me to wonder what else I could do, to help couples with their wedding budgets?

So today’s post is sharing advice from nearly-married and newlywed brides about their wedding budgets. The questionnaire these answers are pulled from is anonymous, to allow the brides to share their regrets, advice and opinions in a frank & honest manner.

Wedding budget tips from real brides

Get definitive amounts from parents for budgets. Mine just said yes we will contribute but doesn’t help when working out maximum budgets.


Decide what you want to spend the big bucks on and what doesn’t matter that much and remember that when money gets tight.


Be realistic about what you want vs what you can afford. It’s your day, don’t do something because you feel obliged to. (Still trying to tell myself both of these!)


My regret – amount of money spent (spend less). Making it less about other people.


Make a plan of what’s important to you first, make a budget then add $5,000. Make a checklist of what needs doing and paying for first. Research lots before booking.


When there’s many fingers in the financial pie don’t give too much info away so opinions cannot be given



Life has a way of getting in the way of our wedding plans. There is no good time to get married, financially it’s very hard, Start saving early


I wish I’d started saving sooner. It is never too soon to start planning, but don’t bury yourself in the planning – you still have a life to live.


Expect to have your plans changed, especially if someone else is paying for the wedding.


Have a budget but in that budget have a contingency fund because there is always something that comes up.


Think long and hard before you put a non-refundable deposit down. If you change your mind about your wedding vision you have to cancel it and say goodbye to your money or stick with something that isn’t quite right anymore.


Have a clear idea of your budget and realistic prices you are willing to pay.


Enjoy your wedding planning… but don’t have a little/no budget


Plan your budget first! Negotiate on costs of you can, I feel like I’ve just said ok to all first prices given because suppliers are short but now I feel I should have negotiated more


Budget way more for things. They cost more than you will expect.


Be very careful with parents putting in money for your big day as you will count that in your budget but if they decide they can’t afford as much as they first stated can tip your budget over a bit.

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