50 Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Sister

Creating heartfelt wedding anniversary wishes for sisters can be hard. Here are 50 wedding anniversary wishes for sisters to make your own and share with your sister.

Two sisters smiling together and symbolizing Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Sister.

Wedding anniversary wishes for sister

When it comes to celebrating your sister’s wedding anniversary, a funny but heartfelt wedding anniversary wish is often a great well to share with the anniversary couple. Our selection of wedding anniversary wishes for sister aims to provide wedding anniversary wishes that you can make your own and share.

  1. Happy anniversary, Sister! Remember, in marriage, ‘for better or worse’ usually means ‘for better or for worse… until the Wi-Fi goes out.’
  2. To my beloved sister .Wow, another year of wedded bliss? You deserve a medal, or at least a giant cookie. Happy anniversary!
  3. Yo, Sis! Another year down! Let’s celebrate your special occasion!
  4. Hey Sis, you two are like salt and pepper — totally different but perfectly complementary. Happy anniversary!
  5. Happy anniversary! They say the key to a successful marriage is laughter, but I think it’s separate bathrooms.
  1. Wishing you a very Happy wedding anniversary, Sis! I’m so proud of the life you’ve built. Here’s to another year of sweet memories!
  2. Happy Anniversary, sweet sister! Here’s to the rest of your life being as amazing as the first day you met.
  3. Look at you guys, the cutest couple and still madly in love! Happy anniversary, sister!
  4. Hey Sis, happiest wedding anniversary! Wishing you both beautiful memories.
  5. Best sister, best couple. Happy anniversary! May your love grow stronger every passing year.
  1. Another year of stealing each other’s fries and fighting over the TV remote. Sounds like true love to me! Happy anniversary, Sister!
  2. Hey, sister! Happy anniversary from your favorite third wheel. It’s always fun tagging along on your love story.
  3. Happy anniversary dear sister! Here’s to many more years of stealing the covers and arguing about whose turn it is to take out the trash.
  4. Congratulations, you’ve survived another year of ‘us, two peas in a pod,’ or should I say ‘two nuts in a shell? Happy anniversary sister!
  5. Dearest sister, happy anniversary! If love is blind, then marriage is like having a magnifying glass. Good thing you both like what you see!
  1. Happy anniversary! Let’s be honest — your wedding is still the best party I’ve ever been to.
  2. You know what real love is? Not having to say you’re sorry… to eat the last piece of cake! Happy anniversary, Sis!
  3. Happy anniversary! Remember, marriage is like a roller coaster: lots of ups and downs, but the ride is way more fun with someone you can scream with.
  4. Wow, you’ve been married for how many years? You guys are like the ‘vintage’ filter in real life. Happy anniversary sister!
  5. To my sweet sister and her forever love. Here’s to another year of not having to swipe right or left. Happy anniversary!
Sister smiling behind brother who is sitting down and smiling symbolizing Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister from Brother.

Wedding anniversary wishes for sister from brother

Here is our best collection of wedding anniversary wishes for sister from brother. Find the wedding anniversary wish or saying that they will enjoy.

  1. Happy anniversary, Sis! Here’s to another year of you putting up with my brother-in-law. You’re the real MVP!
  2. Happy anniversary sis! Remember to keep your receipts. Not for any reason in particular… Just a general life tip.
  3. Remember how you used to steal my toys? Well, now you stole someone’s heart and kept it for all these years. Happy anniversary sister!
  4. Happy anniversary, Sis! Being married is like having a best friend who doesn’t remember anything you say. Enjoy!
  5. Happy anniversary! May you continue to annoy each other for eternity. You’re welcome for the good wishes.
  1. Another year of stealing the covers and hogging the remote? Congrats, Sis! Happy anniversary!
  2. Congratulations on another year of not murdering each other in your sleep. Happy anniversary!
  3. Sis, it’s your anniversary! Time to eat some cake that’s almost as sweet but nowhere near as old as your marriage.
  4. You two are like Batman and Robin. One is out fighting crimes, and the other one is always stuck in the Batcave. Happy anniversary!
  5. Happy anniversary, sister! Remember, marriage is like a deck of cards. At the start, all you need is two hearts and a diamond. By the end, you’re looking for a club and a spade.
  1. Hey Sis, happy anniversary! Wishing you and your hubby another year of love.
  2. Yo, Sis! Happy 1st Anniversary! It’s been a whole year already? Time flies!
  3. Sis, your marriage gives hope to people like me. If you two can make it work, there’s hope for everyone! Happy anniversary!
  4. So, another year of marriage, huh? You guys are killing it. Very happy anniversary!
  5. Here’s to the best couple in the world! Happy anniversary, Sis!
Two sisters with blonde hair smiling at each other symbolizing Wedding Anniversary wishes for Sister from Sister.

Wedding anniversary wishes for sister from sister

Here is our best collection of wedding anniversary wishes for sister from sister. Find the best wedding anniversary wishes for your sister that will give them the biggest smile.

  1. Happy anniversary, Sis! May your love endure as long as your ability to ignore each other’s flaws. Here’s to a lifetime of love!
  2. Just like wine, your marriage gets better with age; unlike wine, it doesn’t make everyone else more tolerable. Happy anniversary sister!
  3. Happy anniversary little sis! The two of you together are proof that weirdos attract. Love you both!
  4. Sis, another year into this and he hasn’t traded you for a newer model? You must have some solid warranty! Happy anniversary sister.
  5. Happy anniversary to my wonderful sister! Your love story is my favorite. Wishing you endless joy and love.
  1. Happy anniversary! May your marriage continue to be as flawless as my makeup.
  2. Happy anniversary! If marriage were a game show, you’d take home the jackpot—or at least some decent kitchen appliances.
  3. Lots of love and best wishes on your special day. Keep being the perfect couple!
  4. Happy anniversary, sister! May your beautiful bond continue to be as amazing as you are.
  5. Happy anniversary wishes for my most amazing sister! You make love look so good.
  1. Hey, happy anniversary, sister! May you have many more years of love and laughter. 
  2. Happy anniversary to my lovely sister! You guys make the most beautiful couple. Wishing you a fairy tale ending every day.
  3. Happy anniversary, sister! Here’s to your perfect match and a happy life.
  4. Another year, and he has finally figured out you’re always right! Cheers to that! Happy anniversary!
  5. Hey Sis, you know what’s the best part of your marriage? It gives me free rein to be the wild single one. Happy anniversary!
Two sisters hugging and one lifting the other symbolizing Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister.

Final thoughts

After reading through all these wedding anniversary wishes for sister, we hope you found one that you can share with your sister on their wedding anniversary.

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