Wanting a Couture Wedding Gown? Here’s What You Need to Know

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The feeling of wearing a couture wedding gown is indescribable, but we’re going to try anyway! Custom designed and made just for you, it is made with the fabric you’ve chosen and perfect in every detail. Bringing your dreams to life, there is no other way to describe it than simply magical.

Beau-Couture are couture wedding gown designers and we’ve asked them to help us explain the process for brides to be who are interested in learning more.

What is a Couture Wedding Gown?

A couture wedding gown is a unique one of a kind gown made for a specific bride. The design of the gown captures the bride’s personality and vision and is made to her specific requests and measurements.

As well as an initial design consultation, it involves five fittings: the result being a perfectly fitting wedding gown!

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Process of Making a Couture Wedding Gown

Ideally, the length of time to design, make and fit a couture gown is between seven to 18 months. Once the design and quote has been approved, it’s time for the fittings to begin. Natasha from Beau-Couture explains what’s involved in each one:

  • Fitting 1 – the exciting FIRST TRY ON of a mock-up gown

Usually made in lining, Natasha hopes to reuse most of this layer in the actual garment saving on cost. The priority here is to get the seams positioned in the correct place, make any changes to necklines, skirt fullness and make sure the overall style makes the bride look and feel herself and her best. Natasha reminds clients to bring their wedding shoes and wedding lingerie next fitting, and if you did bring them for this fitting, that’s even better.

  • Fitting 2 – Check THE ADJUSTMENTS made to the mock-up.

Think twice, cut once. The priority of this fitting is to check the improvements to the fit – less the pins! Natasha has also had a good amount of time to source some beautiful fabrics and together you can select the perfect choice.

  • Fitting 3 – REAL FABRIC First Try on

This is an exciting moment. The real fabric is cut and positioned with a single stitch line. The layers are coming together and the structure for support is in place. The priority is to check the overall fit before working on the finer details of finishing and feature design elements. Together you will visualise and play with these intricate details. Natasha will remind you to bring any accessories with you to your next fitting along with wedding shoes and wedding lingerie. They can also design and make veils and styling pieces to compliment the dress too.

  • Fitting 4 – REAL FABRIC + DETAILS

It’s the finishing touches to seams, hems and feature design elements that will make the dress and command the beautiful quality. This fitting is a timely moment to show the bride the progress of this craftsmanship.

  • Fitting 5 – FINAL FITTING

The dress is finished. Every detail complete, considered and beautifully handcrafted.

Each step of the way the dress has taken shape and become more real…but today it is entirely finished. Today she will check every detail from top to toe, making sure everything works together and that the lingerie is hidden, dress length with shoes is perfect and the accessories are styled. Ideally this final fitting takes place one month out from the wedding; for peace of mind and plenty of time to make arrangements for collection.

For further information, please contact Natasha at Beau-Couture via her website or email her at [email protected]

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