Trimming the Costs of Your Wedding Reception

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Planning your ceremony and wedding reception is exciting, but also a time where you need to keep an eye on your budget. It’s easy to skyrocket your costs by adding an extra detail there, more guests here. Today we are sharing some easy tips for how a couple can trim the cost of their wedding reception.

6 Ways to Reduce Costs at Your Wedding Reception

When selecting a venue for your wedding reception, be upfront about your budget, your wish list, and your requirements. To prevent your wedding budget spiraling out of control, it’s important that you prioritise your needs over your wants first. This means organising the large expenses first, such as your reception venue before working out things such as your decorating or catering requirements.

Six ways which can help to reduce costs at your reception are:

  • Select a wedding venue which has all of the amenities you need – from a commercial kitchen to the supply of tables and chairs, check that the venue can provide everything you need. This will save you the cost of hiring items for the day. If you can combine the reception and ceremony in one location, that can save you even more money.
  • Have a cash bar – instead of picking up the bar tab, be clear on your invitations that each guest will be responsible for the cost of their alcoholic drinks instead (more information on this here).
  • Serve your wedding cake as dessert – instead of also offer a dessert option, use your cake as the sweet treat on its own.
  • Choose quality over quantity when decorating your reception venue – aim for high impact decorations in strategic places, rather than filling the venue with them.
  • Pick your colour scheme early on and stick with it – once you have decided on your wedding colour scheme, you can begin to look for items which match it. This could include visiting local op shops or garage sales for accessories such as jars, teacups or linen.
  • DIY your decorations! We have some great ideas for different ways to DIY your decor here.
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