Trimming the guest list

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Figuring out who should be invited should be one of the very first wedding planning things you tackle. This is because the number of guests dictate the size of the wedding venue, massively affects your budget, and it can be a long and drawn out process to trim the guest list to hit the spot. It can be a stressful too – sometimes it’s a budget thing… sometimes it is a “I don’t want a million randoms at my wedding” thing. Whatever your reasons for wrangling with the guest list, they’re valid. It is your day. Let me repeat that. It is your wedding day, therefore your opinion on the guest list matters.  Check out my step by step guide to compiling your guest list here.

Younger brides in particular, seem to get bullied into a wedding day they don’t want, because their mother knows best. Yes I’m generalising a little here (and you have less sway if you’re not paying) but I hope this gives someone the confidence to be assertive and get the day they want, not what their Mums want!

Dealing with your wedding guest list

Here’s a short video on how to compile your wedding guest list, and how to figure out who you want at the wedding.

Trimming the guest list

Most of the time your guest list is going to be restricted by budget and venue size.. and that’s when things get tricky! You need to figure out how to trim down your guest list, retaining the most important friends and family, while avoiding any hurt feelings… you know what I mean – “If I invite X, I have to invite Y”… those situations suck!

Unfortunately, when you trim the guest list, you have to make compromises. That’s part and parcel of wedding planning and hopefully you can

Wedding Guest List planner (to help trim the guest list!)

If you’ve got too many guests on your guest list, it’s time to make some tough decisions. In the Guest List Planner – Google Sheet Template there is a list of questions to help you think analytically about guests you’re on the fence about. Then when drama arises as it demonstrates you’ve thought about your list in a rational, logical way.

What problems are you having culling the guest list?

The guest list is one of those wedding planning things that’s a bit of a nightmare, and the advice above won’t cover off every scenario. So leave a comment below if you’re having issues, and I’ll do my best to help. Or join the community and get support from hundreds of brides-to-be, newlyweds and wedding professionals who have experience with these sorts of things.

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