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Top 8 Wedding Entertainment Ideas

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Great wedding entertainment ideas aren’t always high up the to-do list of the happy couple. With more pressing things to organize such as the photos, caterer, and venue, ensuring their wedding guests are entertained isn’t a high priority.

The thing is though; it should be! While we know a post-ceremony drink is nice, entertaining your guests with more than a drink or two might even shave a bit off your drinks budget and save sore heads the next morning.

Here is a range of fun wedding entertainment ideas to consider for your wedding day.

8 Wedding Entertainment Ideas Your Guests Will Love

There’s plenty of time where the bridal party is occupied and not with their guests on the wedding day. Sure, many guests are happy to chat and mingle amongst themselves, but there is a limit to their patience. To keep your guests happy and enjoying themselves, it’s time to introduce some wedding entertainment ideas and activities.

  1. Bouncy Castles – not just for the kids, a bouncy castle is always fun and creates plenty of laughs!
  2. Oversize Board Games – keep your guests having fun by playing oversized board games such as checkers and tic-tac-toe.
  3. Photo Booth – a great way to create memories is to hire a photo booth for your reception. Your guests will enjoy capturing themselves and having a souvenir to take away with them. The happy couple will be able to receive a digital copy of all of the photos to create a memory book.
  4. Professional Entertainers – from magicians to babysitters, bands to caricaturists, leave all the hard work to a professional entertainer to keep your guests busy and smiling.
  5. Icebreakers – create cards with talking points or questions on them to help your guests get the conversation flowing!
  6. Flash Mob – while this will require plenty of practice beforehand, a flash mob dance or singalong will certainly keep everyone entertained.
  7. Advice & Predictions – have your guests write you messages of advice and their predictions for the happy couple’s future. Then you can pull them out at each bump in the road for help or at your wedding anniversary and check if they have come true!
  8. Garden Games – why not bring out croquet, a soccer ball, and net, the patter tennis bats or mini golf clubs and balls? Outdoor games which guests can play together and with the bridal party are always fun! Just be sure that there is room at your venue first.
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Final thoughts

Having fun wedding entertainment for your guest can make the day even more special. These wedding entertainment ideas should inspire you to include some of them on your wedding day.

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