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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Wedding Videographer

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If you’re on the fence over whether hiring a wedding videographer should feature in your budget, read on. A wedding videographer can capture moments unlike those seen in a static photograph. We asked Wedding videographer Kara Jane Visuals for her thoughts and sharing them with you.

5 Reasons Why Hiring a Wedding Videographer is an Essential Wedding Expense

Yes, hiring a wedding videographer is an extra expense you will need to budget for. However, it’s one which you would be wise to consider. Kara loves using video as a way of telling stories. Her stories are an authentic representation of a couple’s wedding day, capturing the raw emotions, the connections and the emotions of their special day.

Here are five reasons why Kara recommends engaged couples consider using a videographer at their wedding:

  1. Photos cannot capture everything – while wedding photos are also 100% necessary, they cannot capture everything. Your vows, first dance and music are just some of the things which will fade from your memory over time. A wedding video will record all of those important details for you.
  2. You can share with others – great Aunt Maybel couldn’t make it to your wedding, nor could your BFF on her OE. Thankfully you can send them both a copy of your wedding video so they too can experience the magic of your special day.
  3. It’s a new family heirloom – create a family heirloom with your own wedding video, which can be passed down to your children and grandchildren. Another point is you’ll have all of your family together at one time, another great addition to your family’s latest heirloom too.
  4. Videos capture emotion – photos are wonderful at recording the little moments, such as a tear at the corner of your dad’s eye, or the ringbearer kissing the flower girl’s cheek. What they miss though are the emotions of the day. A video can record the sound of laughter, the smiles and the slight break in your groom’s voice as he toasts you.
  5. You see missed moments – the bride and groom cannot be everywhere and be with everyone. There will be moments you’ll miss on your wedding day. A wedding videographer will record the moments you don’t see so you can view them forever!

We strongly believe that when you hire a wedding videographer, it’s important that you see the quality of their work first. Kara Jane Visuals has a beautiful collection of example wedding videos they have shot on their website. Head over to take a look and then contact Kara to learn more about what she can offer you!

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