Third Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Yay! Time for another present roundup post. I love producing gift guides, because it means I head out on a virtual shopping spree, finding cool ideas and unique presents for your loved ones – without smashing my wallet.

We’ve covered off anniversary gifts for your first year of marriage, and for your second anniversary, so today’s post is looking after all of you old-married 3rd year marrieds out there. When you hit the three-year-married milestone, you may be wondering – are you officially a newlywed still? Maybe technically not, but if you want that title – own it! Anyway, today I thought I’d share some gift ideas for your third wedding anniversary.  There’s some presents for him, and presents for her – so have a browse!

Present ideas for your 3rd wedding anniversary

The typical present for your third wedding anniversary is leather – that’s consistent with both the US and UK versions of the wedding gift list.  Click on the images below to find out more information or to purchase. Lots of the suggestions are personalised, so will take a little time to arrive – so get in early.

Third wedding anniversary gifts for him – what to buy the man in your life

I found our 3rd wedding anniversary really hard to by for – what on earth could I get Craig? I settled on a leather gun strap – he’s a huge hunting and firearms fan, and really appreciates practical, useful presents. If you have a hunter in your life, I’m sure they’ll appreciate a quality, durable gun strap – and as a bonus, it’ll remind them there’s someone at home waiting for them to get back from the great outdoors!

Leather Gun Strap here

A monogrammed leather toiletries bag could be the perfect gift idea too. If you’re relatively young, he’s probably still carting around his toothbrush and man-stuff in a canvas bag his mum bought through Avon, so upgrading to something a bit more grown up and masculine would be appreciated.

Inside these bags, they’re lined with water-resistant and durable nylon, so any spillages are no biggie.

For a jet setting husband, a travel tag helps identify his luggage and is a reminder of you whilst away from home. Add the geographic coordinates of your home or a placespecial to you for an added touch.

If you’re into your first home and slowly upgrading from the “hand me down” stage to “actual grown ups who visit Mitre 10 Mega for funsies” then these leather coasters that are engraved with your names, initial and wedding year would be a thoughtful present.

If you and your spouse have a thing for penguins, then this could be the third anniversary present for you (hey, the internet does not judge).

I really like the idea of getting a wallet as a gift – it’s something he’ll use every day. These are monogrammed which is a lovely extra bonus.

Struggling to get your spouse to remember your wedding anniversary, or just want to match #couplegoals – then these personalised leather bracelets are a cute idea. Stapped with your anniversary date and initials.

Third wedding anniversary gifts for her

Relive your wedding vows with this personalised leather tray as a timeless and useful gift. There are also other colour options if the traditional caramel leather colour is not your partner’s style.

This gorgeous rose is actually made from leather! If your wife loves flowers, give her one that’ll never wilt (just like your love for her, waaa). I’m all about the blush pink, but there’s plenty of other colours available here too.

You don’t have to be vegan to fall in love with this vegan-leather fold over clutch. I’m certainly crushing on this metallic ivory colour, and it would make the ideal wee handbag for special occasions.

Is your partner an avid reader? These personalised leather bookmarks and a novel from her favourite author could be a thoughtful present idea for your third wedding anniversary.

I…. I have this in my cart. If my birthday wasn’t 10 months away I would be hitting up the hubby to get it on the way…

A personalised diary or journal might just be the ticket to her heart… I love this one

I’ll let you in on a secret. A photo collage is the way to a woman’s heart. Every. Time. So this big “three” is the perfect expression of your love (“see honey, I know how many years we’ve been married”). While not leather, it’s a lovely idea, can incorporate pictures from your first three years of marriage…and might be a better idea than leather if your partner is vegan 😉

Reflect on your wedding day…

I Still Do Marriage Journal

Perfectly matching the “little white book”, the sequel  is the ‘I still do’ diary. It is a beautiful and unique anniversary journal made up of thoughtful prompts and questions to reflect on your wedding and your marriage, while setting goals for the future. ‘I still do’ encourages meaningful conversations between couples, helps them celebrate their marriage; and creates a special keepsake and memory book. I also like that it’s a leatherette material, so it’s kind-of leather-friendly. Find out more details here or watch/read my review here.

How are those ideas – feeling positive about the present shopping now? If you’ve thought of any ideas that aren’t listed, please pop them in the comments. Always great to compile more ideas!

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