The Best Ideas and Games for Hen Party

Are you in charge of organizing the perfect hen weekend? Good news—you’re in the right place! We have our best list of games for a hen party! Organizing a hen party can be daunting, but with a list of fun hen party games, you can ensure everyone has a great time.

From classic hen party games to hilarious hen party dares, there’s no better way to make memories with old friends and new ones.

Printable or Digital Card Games

This is one of our favorite categories, so it’s going to the top! Printable card games or the digital versions are so easy and fun! The card games listed here have a printable version, so you can print and cut out the cards, or a digital version that can be played on your mobile phone or tablet. 

Hen’s Night Taboo

This bachelorette version of Taboo is a hilarious and popular hen party game where party-goers must describe a word without using certain “taboo” phrases or words. This great icebreaker gets everyone laughing and thinking creatively.

Bachelorette Truth or Dare

A perfect hen party game that is both daring and revealing, Bachelorette Truth or Dare asks guests to answer a challenging question truthfully or perform a wild dare. From cheeky to audacious, this game adds a fun, unpredictable element to the night and is especially great for large groups.

Bachelorette Rude Riddles

Guests try to guess seemingly “dirty” phrases and words from innocent clues, revealing who among the guests has a truly “dirty mind.” This adult-themed, hilarious game is a lot of fun!

Bachelorette: Never Have I Ever

Another classic party game that takes a bachelorette twist, asking guests to share or listen to juicy confessions about dating, relationships, or even wedding planning. It’s a fun way to get to know the other party-goers better, and it’s sure to produce some memorable moments and a lot of laughter.

Charades: Rom-Com Edition

Classic charades with a romantic comedy twist. Guests act out scenes or titles from popular romantic comedies while the rest of the group guesses.

Bridal or Hen Party Bingo

Bridal Bingo or  is an excellent icebreaker for large groups who may not know each other well. Hand out cards with wedding-themed words like “wedding dress,” “maid of honor,” and “wedding night.” Guests mark off the terms on their bingo cards as the bride talks or opens gifts. The first person to get a bingo wins a special prize!

The Drinking Games

Prosecco Pong is the perfect game for a classy hen party. Think of it as a more refined version of beer pong. Each player takes a turn tossing a ping pong ball into a set of prosecco glasses. If the ball lands in your glass, you sip your drink.

Another great drinking game is “Sip and Tell,” a fun way to bring out the competitive side of your hen party guests. Compile a list of questions related to the bride and her partner. For every wrong answer, the person takes a sip of their drink.

Mr & Mrs Quiz

This is the perfect hen party game for testing how well the bride knows her future spouse. Before the big night, ask the bride’s partner questions, from favorite love songs to adult film preferences.

During the hen night, ask the bride the same questions. If she gets an answer wrong, she has to perform a dare from a pre-made list of hen party dares.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is always a fun game for hen parties. Create a list of items or tasks the group must find or complete within a time limit.

From taking a selfie with a stranger to finding a pair of underwear in the bride’s size, the game aims to get the most points in the given time. The winning team gets a hen party bag filled with goodies!

Easy Games

Toilet Paper Couture 

Toilet Paper Couture is an excellent idea for those looking for a super easy game requiring minimal preparation. Split into small groups and use toilet paper rolls to create a wedding dress for one group member. Have the bride judge the best “dress” at the end of the game.


Another easy option is a classic game of Jenga. Each block can have a point value, a question, or a dare written for extra fun.

Wine Tasting

Why not host a wine tasting if you’re aiming for more classy hen party games? This is the perfect choice for those looking to bring a touch of sophistication to the festivities.

Who Am I? The Ex Edition

Guests wear a name tag featuring one of the bride or groom’s exes or a famous romantic partner from history or film. Everyone else gives hints to help you figure out “who you are,” making for a hilarious game that gets everyone talking.

Karaoke Love Songs

Compile a list of famous love songs and let the bride and guests take turns singing. It’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to let loose and show off their vocal skills—or lack thereof!

Memory Lane Mysteries

Guests write down a memory they have of the bride, and everyone takes turns guessing who wrote which memory. It’s a sentimental game that will take everyone down memory lane.

Hot Potato Lingerie

A twist on the classic hot potato game—guests pass around a piece of lingerie until the music stops. Whoever is holding it has to model it (over their clothes, of course!) before the next round begins.

Spin the Bottle: Task Edition

This is not the spin-the-bottle you remember from high school. In this version, the bottle will point to a task or dare you must complete. Tasks can range from taking a sip of a drink to answering a ‘Mrs & Mrs Quiz’ question.

Guess the Dress

Provide art supplies and have everyone draw what they think the bride’s wedding dress will look like. The bride picks her favorite, and the winning designer gets a special prize.

Each of these games offers a different mix of fun, laughs, and even a little romance, making sure that the bride-to-be and all her guests have an unforgettable hen night.

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