Guide To How to Store A Wedding Dress

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When it comes to ways to store your wedding dress both before and after your wedding, we are a wealth of information.

Here we explain both DIY options as well as professional dress preservation methods so you can include these costs in your wedding budget.

bride and groom at wedding cermony with bridal dress flowing in the windas they look at each other.

Before your wedding

You are in possession of your beautiful wedding dress and need to keep it in the same immaculate condition until your wedding day. Your best course of action is to follow the instructions given by the designer or wedding boutique as to recommended storage methods.

But if you have none, best practices for storing a wedding gown are:

  • Remove the plastic bag or covering from your dress. Plastic can trap moisture, which can lead to mold and odors growing.
  • Hang your dress in a dark and dry area, preferably in a wardrobe if you are going to hang it.
  • Be sure to use a very sturdy dress hanger with hanger straps to avoid stretching the bodice.
  • Cover your dress in a cotton bag or sheet to keep it clean
  • If your wedding is a while away, consider storing your dress lying flat rather than hanging it. A heavier dress is more likely to lose its shape hanging for long periods of time. An out of the way area where it is unlikely to be disturbed or have animals sit on it is vital.
  • Avoid unpacking your dress until a few days before your wedding, to minimize the chance of dirt and marks getting on it. 
  • A few days before your wedding, get your dress out and hang it up so any wrinkles can drop out.

Regardless of whether you are wanting to sell or keep your wedding dress, after your wedding, take it to a professional wedding dress cleaner. Marks such as sweat and clear fluids may not be seen now, but as your dress ages, they will appear. A professional clean will ensure it remains pristine.

After your wedding

When it comes to preserving and storing your dress, there are professional wedding dress cleaners who can do this for you. If this is your preferred method, they will most likely package your dress in a dress box too.

If you have cleaned your dress yourself or collected it from the dry cleaners, you will need to organise a dress box or similar yourself. Both the box and any tissue paper needs to be acid-free and lignin free. This will reduce any yellow staining on your dress as it ages. To package your dress:

  • Place scrunched tissue paper inside the bust of your dress
  • Lay your gown on a bed of tissue paper inside the box
  • Where folds of fabric are present, use plenty of tissue paper to reduce creasing
  • Cover with more tissue paper and close the lid securely

If your dress has beading or sequins, be sure to seek professional advice as over time these can tarnish your gown. Also, avoid adding accessories such as shoes or your veil with your dress and package these separately instead.

Final thoughts

Taking care of your wedding dress before and after the wedding is important to do and at the same time not hard either. You should now know all you need to take care of yours today and into the future.

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