Second wedding anniversary present ideas

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It’s fair to say my love language is gift giving. I get so excited about my loved ones birthdays and Christmases… and my own wedding anniversary. Finding the perfect present for your wedding anniversary can be tricky though. Often people will just head out and buy something they like. It makes it hard to think of a present someone will value, enjoy and appreciate. So today I’ve compiled a list of gift suggestions for your second wedding anniversary.

gift ideas for 2nd wedding anniversary

Present ideas for cotton wedding anniversaries

As I’ve explained in the past, the customary route to take with wedding anniversary present selection is based on the “traditional wedding anniversary gift list“.  There’s three lists that have developed over time – a US-version, a UK-version and a Modern option.  The US-version seems to be what most NZ couples go with – which for your second year of marriage is cotton.

Note: The US has paper for the first wedding anniversary, and cotton for the second wedding anniversary. For the UK, it’s the opposite way around (cotton for the first anniversary, paper for the second anniversary), so don’t worry if you decide to follow the UK version – check out my post on paper wedding anniversary gift ideas here.

The usual second wedding anniversary gift ideas

I thought I’d start with the “typical” ideas – as these might spark inspiration and are typical for a reason (they’re a good solid choice).

beautiful linen bedsheets for cotton wedding anniversary gift

  • Sheets – I mean come on – what else can you think of that’s cotton?! To avoid any – err “marital disputes” on your anniversary, I suggest an awesome quality
  • Clothing – This may or may not be a dangerous option as well, but clothing could be a nice idea if you know your partner’s taste well (and clothing size!). I’m a big fan of the cute tee below

wife tshirt for wedding gift

Or a cosy hoody (these ones are from Veronica and Me Designs). Bonus points if you get a matching set #relationshipgoals


A gift that reflects back on your wedding day

It’s been two years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create something special with your wedding memories. If the last couple of years have been a bit of a rush of setting up a home, honeymooning and you know – life – then finally getting your wedding day photos printed and on display could be a great project!

Here’s a few of my favourite ways to reflect back on your wedding day:

I Still Do Marriage Journal

Perfectly matching the “little white book“, the sequel  is the ‘I still do’ diary. It is a beautiful and unique anniversary journal made up of thoughtful prompts and questions to reflect on your wedding and your marriage, while looking towards your future with goal setting.

‘I still do’ encourages meaningful conversations between couples, helps them celebrate their marriage; and creates a special keepsake and memory book. Find out more details here or watch/read my review here.

A hand embroidered custom cross stitched wedding portrait would be a sweet and unique of celebrating your cotton wedding anniversary – and for the bride who loves and appreciate crafts it would be especially sweet.

2nd wedding anniversary present

Look, you can even get one with your dog!

It’s not too late to begin a new tradition on your wedding day. This set allows you to add a leaf for each year of marriage.  This applique tree in a wooden hoop frame comes with 2 leaves already sewn on, and the other leaves have a fusible backing on them, so they’ll be easy to add to the tree in years to come.

diy wedding anniversary present for 2nd year

If you’re looking for a way of memorialising your wedding vows and your first dance lyrics, the “Love Birds Wedding Vow & Lyrics Print” is a special way to do it. All your special words are included within the print. It’s available to order on canvas (which is cotton!).

vow print for wedding

Cotton wedding anniversary present ideas

Something to snuggle up under? A personalised cotton blanket is sure to warm the heart! These handmade keepsake blankets are printed with your wedding’s coordinates:

second wedding anniversary present for her

Or for a bit of fun in the bedroom (not the naughty kind!), these personalised pillows (“my side/your side”) will be sure to have some laughs (especially if you’re always on at your other half for being on your side of the bed!). These are hand painted so each set is unique.second wedding anniversary present

For more elegant tastes, these script pillows are gorgeous. Seen here in a same-sex combination (wifey/wifey) the shop also has Mr/Mrs, Mr/Mr and ones personalised with your last name. The pillows are high quality 100% white cotton, and they’re finished off with black piped edges.

second wedding anniversary gift for her

Meanwhile, in the kitchen – this cute personalised tea towel is a sweet idea for your favourite baker or cook.

For couples who’ve grown up in different countries, done long distance or have travelled far from home, this map pillow has two countries embroidered onto it, with heart buttons to indicate places of interest.

second wedding anniversary gift for him

If you’ve added to your family with a new pet, then a custom cushion with your fur-baby’s face would be hilarious!

These modern, stackable trays are personalized with your special wording on 100% Organic Cotton

These minimalist brass trays are a gorgeous option too

Gift ideas to wear for your 2nd anniversary

If your husband regularly wears a tie, a personalised tie patch like this one is a unique idea.

2nd wedding anniversary present for him

Or this hand embroidered tie patch is cute too:

second wedding anniversary present for him

You’ve got a few years before you’re shelling out for the diamond anniversary, but jewellery is always well received.  This jewellery is designed around a sample of handwriting. Why not handwrite a line from your wedding vows, or get your signatures from your wedding vows replicated for a one-off piece of jewellery?

If your partner wears cufflinks regularly, a customised set of cufflinks for your 2nd wedding anniversary could be a special gift. These cufflinks are custom made with your first dance lyrics printed onto cotton, but you could opt to have your wedding vows included instead.

2nd wedding anniversary gift for him

So what do you think? Inspired? Do you have any ideas that aren’t listed here? Pop them in the comments below to share.

ideas for second wedding anniversary present

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