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5 Save the Date Mistakes

Sending Save the Date cards is a crucial step in planning a destination wedding or scheduling your big day over a holiday weekend. However, it’s important to steer clear of common pitfalls to ensure a smooth experience.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top mistakes to avoid when sending out your wedding’s Save the Dates, helping you maintain a stress-free and organized planning process.

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Save the Date Mistakes to Avoid

Here is our top 6 Save the Date mistakes to avoid, ensuring a seamless wedding planning experience and well-informed guests.

​1. Avoid Too Early Save the Dates

Send Save the Dates between six months and one year before the wedding, allowing guests time to save money and plan time off work. Sending them too far in advance may seem organized, but it could backfire.

Guests might not mark the date or may delay making arrangements, causing them to forget. This could lead to extra work and costs for follow-up reminders.

2. Be Certain About Guests Before Sending

During the wedding planning process, which can take up to a year or more, relationships can evolve or change. You may find that some friendships fade, couples separate, or new acquaintances emerge.

If there are individuals you’re uncertain about including, consider holding off on sending them a Save the Date. This approach doesn’t necessarily exclude them from the wedding, but it provides you with additional time to make a well-considered decision about their attendance.

3. Confirm Key Details Before Sending

Sending Save the Dates before finalizing your budget and venue can be a consequential mistake. Distributing these notices without knowing your venue’s capacity or available funds can lead to stress for even the most laid-back bride.

If you find yourself needing to reduce your guest list after sending Save the Dates, you may face uncomfortable situations and disappointments. It’s best to confirm your budget and venue details first to avoid these issues.

4. Don’t Skip Wedding Invitations

It can be quite perplexing for wedding guests to receive a Save the Date notice months in advance and then not get a formal invitation. Although a Save the Date suggests an invitation is forthcoming, it is not the official invite.

Proper wedding etiquette involves managing expectations and minimizing confusion for your guests. Opting to save money by not sending formal invitations is a guaranteed way to create misunderstandings.

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5. Keep Save the Dates Simple

Save the Date cards serve as a preliminary notice for your wedding, rather than an exhaustive source of information, which is reserved for the formal wedding invitations.

Since these cards are sent well in advance, finer details may change over time. To avoid confusion, stick to the essentials: the couple’s names, wedding date, and general location.

Consider including your wedding website address for additional information, but keep everything else straightforward and uncluttered.

6. Neglecting to Proofread

Neglecting to proofread your save the dates can lead to costly and embarrassing errors that may confuse your guests or leave a poor impression.

Allocate sufficient time to carefully review the text, design, and other details on your save the date cards before sending them out.

Double-check names, dates, and any other essential information, and consider having a friend or family member review the cards as well to ensure accuracy and clarity.

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Final thoughts

Your save the date is the first glimpse your guests have into your wedding day. By avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll create a memorable and informative introduction to your big event.

Remember to keep things simple, proofread, and consider your guests’ needs to ensure a smooth and successful wedding planning experience.

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