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54 Questions To Ask Wedding Florist

When trying to find the right wedding florist, you want to ask them questions to help you decide if they are the right person to deliver the wedding flowers you envision for your big day.

Choosing the right floral designer is important because they help create the look and feel at your wedding. From the wedding ceremony and reception flower arrangements to the floral accompaniments for the wedding party.

The following list of questions will help you select a potential florist for your dream wedding and leave you feeling confident in your decision.

Wedding Florist with archway flowers.
Photo by Helen from The Nomad Creative.

Availability and Pricing

The first questions you should ask a potential florist are if they are available on your wedding date and what their prices are. At this stage, you should have a wedding budget with a set amount reserved for a florist. Asking these questions on an initial phone call will help you make a quick decision before getting into the more detailed questions later on.

  1. Are you available for our wedding date?
  2. How far in advance do I need to book your services?
  3. What are your fees?
  4. Do you have any packages?
  5. Do you require a minimum floral budget?
  6. What do these fees include?
  7. Is there a delivery fee?
  8. Are there additional charges for the setup and breakdown of the floral décor?
  9. Is there an extra charge for you to help move arrangements from the wedding ceremony to the reception site?
  10. Are there any rental fees for other décor besides flowers?
  11. Do you require a deposit?
  12. Do you provide an itemized list with prices for the packages we discuss?
  13. Are you able to work within my budget?
  14. Are there any recommendations you have to maximize my budget?
  15. Are there any other additional costs I should be aware of?
  16. Will you provide my arrangements, or will it be another floral designer?

Style and Experience

One of the first things to ask is about their previous experience and possibly if they can provide some photos of their work. The following questions will help you decide which of the prospective florists is the perfect person for you.

  1. How long have you been performing weddings?
  2. How many weddings have you done?
  3. What is your floral design style?
  4. How many weddings do you normally do in one day?
  5. Do you have sample pictures of past weddings you could share with us?
  6. Have you had experience at our ceremony and reception location before with past clients?
  7. Can you provide some past references?
  8. What sets you apart from other wedding florists?
Beautiful wedding table decoration and setting in rustic / village style. Italian wedding.

Flowers and Design

When looking at booking potential wedding florists you will want to dive deep into the types of floral designs they can potentially provide you.

Before meeting with potential floral designers, it is recommended that you have a wedding theme and wedding colors finalized to help with matching floral design options.   

These key questions are aimed to find out exactly what can be delivered for your special day.

  1. What in-season flowers are available on my wedding date?
  2. What flowers do you recommend based on my color scheme, budget, and time of year?
  3. Is there anything special you recommend to match the color palette and venue?
  4. Do you provide any organic options for fresh flowers?
  5. Do you design ceremony flowers to also be reused at the reception venue?
  6. Would you work with my cake designer and add flowers to the wedding cake?
  7. Will a tossing bouquet be provided, or is that an extra fee?
  8. What other rental items can you provide? Vases, centerpieces, aisle runners, candle holders, arches)?
  9. Can you recreate a bouquet and/or centerpiece if I send you a picture?
  10. Do you need any information from me before the wedding day?


This set of questions is aimed at you having a better idea of how the experienced florist will deliver all of the flowers such as the bridal bouquet, table arrangements,

  1. How will you transport the floral arrangements?
  2. What time will you arrive?
  3. How much time do you need to set up?
  4. Will you set up the flowers at the ceremony and the reception sites?
  5. Will you help move the flowers from the ceremony to the reception site?
  6. Will you work with my own wedding venue to find out about installation restrictions?
  7. Will you help with pinning or coordinating the boutonnieres on the groom and groomsmen?
  8. How far in advance are the wedding bouquets made, and how long will they last?
The bride and bridesmaids in an elegant dress is standing and holding hand bouquets of pastel pink flowers and greens with ribbon at nature. Young beautiful girls holds a wedding bouquet outdoors..

After the Wedding

When deciding on a good florist there are important questions to ask regarding exactly what they will help you with after the ceremony.

  1. Do you help with breakdown after the wedding?
  2. Will you provide instructions on how to preserve the bridal bouquet?
  3. Do you help with the preservation of my bouquet?


Before you sign on the dotted line and book the potential floral designer, it is a good idea to know about the financial policies and payment terms they have. It is always good to catch a red flag before booking potential florists so these questions are a great idea to ask.

  1. When is a deposit due?
  2. When will we receive a contract?
  3. What does your contract contain?
  4. Do you provide any payment plans?
  5. When is the final payment due?
  6. What is your cancellation policy?
  7. What is your refund policy?
  8. What is your postponement policy?
  9. Do you have liability insurance?
Wedding money jar on table.

Personal Fit

When selecting a great wedding florist, the last thing you will need is to ask yourself some important questions. While the talented florists may be able to deliver a lot of what you ask for, you still need to ask yourself these questions so that you select the best florist for you.

  • Did they communicate well with you?
  • Did they listen well?
  • Do you like their prior work?
  • Does their style match your wedding style?

Final Step

Having answers to all these questions is a great way to get closer to that important decision in your wedding planning process.

As a wedding couple, the next steps are to look at all of these answers and decide together which florist is a good match to deliver those special moments that you will remember forever.

After you have booked the best person for your special day you can work towards choosing some of your other wedding vendors. Check out these lists of questions to ask other wedding vendors:

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