Last minute wedding checklist for your big day

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While planning your wedding is a long process and no matter how much you have done, there can always be that feeling like you have forgotten something right up until the wedding day, You may be looking for a last minute wedding checklist to run through and give yourself that peace of mind that you have not missed anything.

Here we have pulled together a checklist of all the last minute tasks and important items for you to double check during the week before your wedding day.

Note pad with the words wedding checklist on top with a black pen on the notepad.

Last Minute Wedding Checklist

A last minute wedding checklist is a list of everything you need to do in the final days before your wedding. It’s useful for every wedding couple to have one so that they don’t forget something important in their rush to get married.

  • Have you got your marriage license (one of the brides who helped put this list together forgot theirs!)
  • Speaking of ceremony stuff – are you writing your own vows? Make sure both you & your partner have written your vows and have them nicely typed up.
  • Get everyone to do a try on of their outfits, including their shoes (this gives you time to alter if necessary, or grab any last minute additions if someone’s forgotten something – cufflinks, socks etc)
  • Go through and confirm all your vendors and reaffirm they have the correct date and timings – venue, photographer, cake, florist, celebrant, catering, transport, hair and makeup  (One bride’s father ordered the cake for the wrong day and realised only when they went to collect it!)
  • Create & distribute a timeline to wedding vendors and bridal party
  • Break in your wedding shoes
  • Ribbon for the cars
  • Wedding favours ready (I only came up with mine a week before the wedding, so there’s still time)
  • Designate someone to drop off bits and pieces like wedding favors, toasting glasses, cake knife to the wedding reception
  • Who is picking up hire items? Confirm with them and confirm what time they’ll be collected and where they’ll be putting the hire items till needed
  • Who is responsible for returning hire items? Confirm with them and confirm what time they need to be collected from the venue and returned to the hire outfit
  • Create a list of important family photos for your photographer (they might need this a little earlier than a week before – check with them)
  • Heel stoppers for the bridal party’s shoes if you’ve got thin heels and the wedding is on grass/soft ground
  • Pack a bag to drop to your wedding night accommodation – include a change of clothes, some makeup and shoes
  • Create an emergency kit for if (or when!) things go wrong
  • Borrow, buy or find a clutch or bag big enough for bits and pieces you’ll need on the day (things you might carry in your emergency kit, and your cellphone, maybe cash or a wallet etc)
  • If you have time, create bathroom baskets for your guests
  • Knife for cutting the cake
  • Chilly bin with drinks and nibbles for during bridal party photos
  • Matches or lighter for the candles on the tables or at the service
  • Ice for drinks (if you’ve got a friend doing the bar)
  • Pick up rings from the jeweller and keep them in a safe place
  • Order of service confirmed and printed
  • A ring pillow
  • Remind speech-makers that they are making a speech
  • Write your speech if you’re doing one
  • Confirm honeymoon arrangements if you’re leaving straight after the wedding
  • Reception Menu confirmed and printed
  • Have you paid everyone that you need to (or do you need to take your cheque book with you?)
  • If you’re leaving for your honeymoon straight after the wedding, start packing your bags

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