Planning A Post Wedding Brunch

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Congratulations! It’s the day after your wedding. Are you off on honeymoon or throwing a celebratory brunch for guests? Maybe you are heading off on honeymoon in a few weeks or months once the weather changes? The choice is up to you both, each with their own benefits.

Hosting a Brunch the Day After Your Wedding

Have you noticed that photos of carefully styled post wedding brunches are making a comeback? That may be so, but not all brides are choosing to entertain their wedding guests at anything other than their wedding. If you feel the urge to spend extra time with Nana, mingle with friends and family from out of town while potentially nursing a hangover, then another party is probably up your alley. Other reasons to host a post wedding brunch (or BBQ lunch!) include:

  • An opportunity for parents and step parents to contribute to your wedding
  • A time to chat about your wedding with people who were there
  • Being able to spend more time with guests
  • A time to say thank you to out of town guests who came from far, far away

Other benefits of not heading away on honeymoon immediately include giving you time to pay wedding suppliers, clean up, get some sleep, take your dress to the drycleaners, return any hired suits and send thank you letters out.

Starting Your Honeymoon the Day After Your Wedding

Other brides cannot bear the thought of having to entertain their wedding guests after their wedding. There’s also the ‘famous’ tradition in which the newly married couple head to the airport from their wedding reception to consider. Some of the benefits of honeymooning immediately include:

  • It extends the excitement of your wedding day longer
  • You don’t need to do any of the clean-up required
  • It gives you the chance to get completely away from the busyness of your wedding day
  • You don’t need to organise yet another event
  • You save money you can spend on your honeymoon instead

Of course, you could do both … How about having a short 30 minute brunch the next morning at a local café or hotel? It gives you a chance to continue to shine as the bride and you both get a chance to relax before you travel. If you book a taxi to collect you at a set time, it also gives you an excuse to leave quickly too.

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Are you planning a wedding brunch on the day after your wedding or taking your honeymoon immediately? Let us know here below and check out what other brides are doing too!

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