Getting a Spray Tan Before Wedding

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If you are one of the many brides or bridesmaids thinking about getting a spray tan before the wedding, then you will be wanting to make sure that you do it right.

Here we go over everything you need to consider about getting a spray tan before for the wedding day.

Spray Tan Before Wedding using spray gun.

Self tanner vs spray tan artist

We’ve all heard about orange glows, peeling skin and streaks, none of which you want on the wedding day. A professional spray tan before the wedding will help you avoid all these horrors.

The question becomes then, should you get a spray tan or not?

A spray tan involves a fine mist solution being applied to your skin which creates a bronze layer on your body. Whether you need to get one or not is a personal choice, but doing so can give you an even and healthy all over body glow.

When to get a spray tan

How long it lasts depends on a range of things, but usually a spay tan lasts between seven to ten days.

This means you should aim to get your spray tan done no later than two days before the wedding day, as this gives the tan time to ‘settle’ on your skin, ensuring it is your most natural colour.

Trial spray tan

It is recommended that you have a trial spray tan no later than six weeks prior so you can ensure you are happy with your chosen colour.

Also, consider having a full body spray tan rather than a half to avoid those short lines on your honeymoon!

Spray Tan Colour

Here we suggest you leave this decision to the experts. While you may fancy a darker tan, if your beautician recommends a lighter option, go for it.

Most have a range of colors to choose from to suit the bridal party best, from a light subtle glow to rich deep chocolate. Having the trial spray tan a few months before the day to find your perfect colour is a good idea.

Caring for Your Spray Tan

If you do decide to get a spray tan before your wedding, there are some before and after-care things you’ll need to do:

  • Before your spray tan – shower and exfoliate your skin well on the day of your tan. Do not use any moisturizers, fragrances or deodorant. Shave before your tan, or wax at least one or two days before. Wear loose and dark clothing to your appointment.
  • After your spray tan – avoid showering (or getting wet in the rain) for the first few hours or as directed. Understand that your tan will develop over the next few hours. Keep your skin well moisturized and use a gentle skin wash to help avoid the tan being washed away.
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Final Thoughts

If you plan on getting a spray tan for the wedding day it is recommended to use a professional spray tan artist to apply it. Having a trial spray tan a few months prior to make sure you have the right color ahead of the big day will ensure you look great on the day.

Finally, make sure to look after your spray tan before and after it is applied for the best results, With all that in mind, you will enjoy an even spray tan glow specially made for the big day.

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