Funny Wedding Card Messages

There’s nothing more joyful than a wedding, where two people vow to annoy each other for the rest of their lives! This list of 50 funny wedding card messages will give you a good laugh and hopefully some inspiration for the big day.

Funny wedding wishes

“Congratulations on your wedding! May you always find joy in the little things, like free food and booze at the reception.”

“Weddings: the only time you can buy a woman a kitchen appliance and not face repercussions! Best wishes!”

“Good luck convincing each other that your way is the best way for the rest of your life.”

“Happy wedding day! Let the ‘funny wedding messages’ chapter of your life begin!”

“The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret. But hey, there’s cake!”

“Lifetime of happiness? You’ve clearly never had to share a remote.”

“Congratulations on upgrading from being best friends to a married couple. New software installed successfully!”

“A funny wedding card for my favorite drama school dropouts. Break a leg!”

“Happy couple, enjoy your new life as life partners in the circus of life.”

“In marriage, the only difference between freedom and prison is that in prison you get free food.

Make them laugh

“Welcome to the end of your love story… And the start of your telenovela.”

“Wishing you late nights of… discussing who left the cap off the toothpaste.”

“Marriage: an important meeting that ruins your whole life. Best wedding wishes!”

“Getting married is like attending a drama school. Your role? The new circus master.”

“Congratulations on signing the most important contract of your life without even reading it.

“Best wishes on your wedding day! Remember, happiness is a journey, not a destination. Unless the destination is the fridge.”

“Here’s to a lifetime of love, laughter, and actually putting your phone down to talk.”

“Congrats! You’ve just gained a new family member to argue with at Christmas.”

“Congratulations! The most stressful day of your life is over… Now welcome to the rest of your life.”

“Happy wedding day! Welcome to the club of ‘No more late-night parties.'”

More funny wedding card messages

“Remember that marriage is like software updates. You may need to reboot occasionally.”

“Marriage is like a well-constructed house. It may look perfect on the outside, but inside, it’s full of nuts and bolts. Best of luck!”

“Welcome to the great institution of marriage, or as I like to call it, the drama school for adults.”

“So you thought getting engaged was a big surprise? Wait till you see what married life has in store for you!”

“May your marriage be filled with laughter, love, and a lenient memory for past mistakes.”

“May your married life bring you much joy… and even more patience.”

“Welcome to the world of married life, where the words ‘I’m sorry’ will become a regular part of your vocabulary.”

“Congratulations! Remember, a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person, and never at the same time as football season.

“Marriage – an institution where a man loses his Bachelor’s degree, and a woman gains her Master’s. Best wishes!”

“Newly married couple alert! The circus has officially begun!”

And a few more

“Marriage: A great way to annoy your best friend for the rest of your life.”

Enjoy your new chapter of life, where ‘well wishes‘ becomes ‘well, I wish you’d stop doing that’.

“There’s a reason why it’s called ‘ ‘falling in love’. It’s all downhill from here. Congratulations!”

“Best wishes on your wedding! As a distant relative, I’m just here for the cake.”

“Here’s a wedding gift – a book on ‘How to be right all the time’. Every married person needs one.”

“Congratulations on finally finding that special person you will annoy for the rest of your life.”

“As a married couple, the most effective way to remember your wedding anniversary is to forget it once.”

“Remember, marriage is a drama school where the final exam never ends. Good luck!”

“Wishing you a lifetime of love… or until you find each other’s habits unbearable.”

Humorous wedding wishes

“Congratulations on becoming the latest member of the ‘I survived my wedding day’ club.”

“Happy wedding day! Just think, if you survive this, you can survive anything.”

“May you both stay madly in love for the rest of your life… or at least until you can’t stand the snoring.”

“Congratulations on your wedding! From here on out, you no longer have to hold in your farts.”

“A wedding ring: the world’s smallest handcuff. Congratulations on your life sentence!”

“Now that you’re married, the key to a long, happy life is a short memory. Congratulations!”

“The secret of a happy marriage: As long as you both shall live, remember the two magic words – ‘Yes, dear’.”

“Marriage is all about give and take. You’d better give it to her or she’ll take it anyway.”

“Here’s to a lifetime of love, adventures, and countless discussions about what to eat for dinner.”

“Congratulations on finally getting your favorite person to annoy for the rest of your life.”

“The best part of your special day? The free booze and the cake obviously.”

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Humor is a wonderful way to express wishes for a new couple’s journey into marital bliss. Here’s hoping these funny wedding card messages brighten their big day and add laughter to the celebration. After all, they say a good laugh is the secret to a happy marriage.

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