Your first dance: First Dance Etiquette and Survival Tips for Organised Brides

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Your first dance is eagerly anticipated by your family and friends. Your speeches have finished and the music is about to start. But wait! Do you head out onto the dance floor with your groom or do you invite your parents to dance first? Should you have choreographed your first dance or will an impromptu one work? Relax, I’ve got all these answers and more right here.

Making Decisions About Your First Dance

Yes, it is your wedding and yes, it is your choice whether to dance or not. But while it is common for couples to omit their wedding dance, many guests still expect you to perform one. If you both decide not to have a solo dance, an announcement during the speeches helps to let guests know what is happening. There is no explanation or justification required, just ask people to begin dancing whenever they choose.

It is best to plan for your first dance before your reception, even if you are not having dance lessons. By deciding upon the song beforehand, you firstly get to pick one you love! For some suggestions on first dance songs, check out a great list here.

By choosing your song in advance, you will also be familiar with the song speed and length, helping you plan your dance moves beforehand. Nasty song surprises are by far best avoided on your wedding day.  More tips on choosing your wedding day music are shared by Southern Bride Verified musician Casey Clydesdale, here.

Should You Have Wedding Dance Lessons?

There is no doubt about it; your first dance will be remembered by all who see it. It is also an event everybody is going to watch. Because of that, many engaged couples choose to hire professional dance teachers for both lessons and the choreographing of their wedding dance. Or they watch the dances of other newlyweds on websites such as YouTube to get ideas for their dance routine.

Whether to hire dance professionals or not, often comes down to:

  • Do you want a wedding dance? If so, do you want to have a formal one prepared or have an impromptu dance?
  • Are you confident in your current dancing ability enough to perform in front of others?
  • Do you have the time to create and practice your own routine?
  • Does your wedding budget stretch to having dance lessons?

Tips on Wedding Dance Etiquette

A first dance is traditionally held after the speeches and bridal party introductions are completed. The newlyweds start off the dancing and nowadays the guests join in shortly afterwards. However, some couples may choose to then have the bride dance with her father and the groom with his mother. Then both sets of parents dance with one another. Finally, the best man and his groomsmen take turns to dance with the bride and her bridesmaids.

Planning your wedding dance is just one of the many jobs you need to do. With so many jobs, it can be worrying trying to remember to do them all. For a complete wedding planning list, head over and download my free to-do list today!

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