First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Congratulations on your first year of marriage! Whether celebrating your special day or searching for the perfect gift for your favorite couple, it’s a great time to explore the best 1st wedding anniversary gifts. While the traditional theme is paper gifts, the modern gift for this special occasion is clocks. This post offers the best first wedding anniversary gift ideas to commemorate this momentous occasion!

Find the perfect 1st-anniversary wishes or 1st-anniversary date ideas!

Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas

Paper anniversary gifts are the traditional theme for the first year of marriage. Offering a blank slate of opportunities for heartfelt and unique gifts. There are so many excellent paper anniversary gift ideas, and here are a few you might like to consider.

Personalized Love Letter

What better way to commemorate your special day than with a personalized love letter? This thoughtful gift is a great way to put your passionate love into words, making it one of the best one-year anniversary gifts. A great option to make this personal gift all the more beautiful is to write your love letter on the front page of a gorgeous personalized journal. Keeping with the paper theme, a journal is a perfect gift your loved one can add to over the following years. 

Man hands holding a pen, about to write on blank white paper with a single red rose layed next to the paper

Custom Art Prints

custom piece of art, depicting your first dance song or the night sky on your wedding date, makes a special gift. This unique gift offers a creative way to symbolize your special occasion. There are so many options when it comes to art prints. Check out these personalized faceless portraits. Or perhaps these vintage anniversary newspaper posters are more to your taste. Whichever paper art you choose, there will surely be the perfect choice for your loved one. 

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are a great gift that can last a lifetime, much like your love for each other. These can be customized to mirror the bouquet from your wedding day, taking you down memory lane. A paper bouquet will never wilt much like your love for each other.

Scrapbook of Memories

A scrapbook filled with your favorite photos from your first date to your wedding day and the happy moments in your new marriage is a great idea. This paper theme gift is a meaningful way to celebrate your special day. This One Year Down scrapbook fits the 1st-anniversary theme perfectly. Or perhaps you’re an adventurous couple, and this gorgeous Adventure scrapbook is more to your taste. Either way, a scrapbook is a perfect way to record your special moments together. A momento you can share with your grandkids one day.

First Edition Book

A first edition of your partner’s favorite book can be a thoughtful gift. Especially if a particular book holds a special place in your shared story. You may have met at an open mic poet’s evening, or your loved one is a massive Harry Potter fan. A First Edition book is a paper gift your book lover will cherish for many years.

Modern First Anniversary Gift Ideas: Clocks

While paper gifts are the traditional 1st anniversary gift, in some cultures, clocks are the modern first-anniversary gift. These gifts symbolize the passage of time and the many good times to come. Here we have compiled our favorite clock idea gifts to wow your loved one.

A love letter, a single rose and a clock

Personalized Wall Clock

personalized wall clock with your names and wedding date is a practical gift and a daily reminder of your wedding day. If your taste is a little more adventurous, you could tick the clock and paper boxes with this colorful wall clock made by hand out of colored cardstock.

Table Clock

Perhaps a large wall clock isn’t quite what you are looking for. You may prefer a table clock that adds a touch of classic elegance to your home office or living room. This modern theme gift can be a daily reminder of your special day.

Glass Clock

Classic Table Clock

Funky Robot Table Clock


A sundial is a unique gift that symbolizes the passage of time in your marriage. It’s a beautiful option to commemorate your first year together. With options such as this 1st-anniversary sundial or an engravable sundial such as this vintage-looking sundial, this unique gift will surely lead your relationship in the right direction.

A sundial


A stylish wristwatch is a great gift and a practical way to celebrate your first anniversary. With an engraved special message or date, it becomes a sentimental gift. A testament to the journey you’re making together, moment by moment and day by day.

This floral women’s wristwatch is a perfect choice with its paper-looking floral pattern display, your covering both the ‘paper’ and ‘clock’ traditions for your one-year anniversary gift.

These customizable Men’s Wristwatches allow you to personalize this gift for your husband. Adding a photo of yourself or a special moment you have shared in your relationship journey adds a personal touch to this practical gift.

Matching Couples Wristwatches might be more your thing. If you both need a watch, purchasing matching watches for each other is a cute way for you both to get a practical gift that reminds you of your better half.


An hourglass is a beautiful symbol of the passage of time, a poignant representation of your shared first year in your marriage and the many more to come. Every grain of sand marks a moment in time, making it a visual and tangible embodiment of your time together. As the sand flows, it can remind you of the special moments you’ve shared and those yet to come.

An hourglass with a beach sunset in the background

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re leaning towards the traditional gift of paper or the modern gift of clocks, your first wedding anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate your love uniquely. Remember, it’s not just about the gift itself but also about the story it tells and the memories it symbolizes. So whether it’s a love letter, a custom art print, or a personalized clock, the best first wedding anniversary gifts are those that celebrate your shared journey.

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