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50 Questions To Ask Makeup Artist For Wedding

When trying to find the best wedding makeup artist, you will want to ask them important questions that help decide if they are the right person to deliver the memories of your big day.

The following is a list of questions to ask makeup artists for wedding day services before booking them.

Makeup artist and assistant applying makeup on bride.
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Availability and Pricing

The first question to ask professional makeup artists is if they are available on your desired wedding date and if so, what their prices are.

You should have a wedding budget with an amount reserved for a potential makeup artist.

This next set of key questions is probably the most important to ask when first talking to a bridal makeup artist over an initial phone call.

  1. Are you available for our wedding date?
  2. How far in advance do I need to book your services?
  3. What is your service charge?
  4. Do you have any wedding packages?
  5. What do these fees include?
  6. Are you a hair stylist as well?
  7. Is there an additional charge for any additional hours worked?
  8. Can we customize the packages?
  9. Do you do a makeup trial run?
  10. When do we need to schedule the trial?
  11. Is there additional fees for a trial run?
  12. Is there a travel fee to be aware of?
  13. Do you require a deposit?
  14. Are you able to work within my budget and price range?
  15. Are there any other additional costs I should be aware of?

Style and Experience

One of the first things to ask an experienced makeup artist is if they can provide some examples of their work.

The following top questions will help you decide which person from the list of potential makeup artists is the perfect makeup artist for you.

  1. How many years of experience have you had performing weddings?
  2. How many weddings have you done?
  3. Do you have sample pictures of past brides you have provided services to?
  4. Can you provide some past references?
  5. Do you do a more natural look style of makeup or do more airbrush makeup?
  6. What sets you apart from other good artists?
Girl having lipstick applied.
Photo by Jamee from Jamee Photography

Wedding Day

A good question to find out from the prospective wedding make-up artist is how they will operate on the day of your wedding.

  1. Will you be the makeup artist on my wedding day?
  2. Will you have a second professional makeup artist or assistant?
  3. What is the contingency plan if you are unable to provide makeup services for an unexpected reason?
  4. What time will you arrive at the wedding venue or bridal suite?
  5. Will you have enough time to apply the makeup?
  6. What brands and kinds of makeup do you use?
  7. Should I bring my own products if I have a sensitive skin type?
  8. Do you have the right makeup skills for my skin tone?
  9. Do you also provide false lashes?
  10. Are you also a hair artist?
  11. What kind of hair extensions do you potentially offer?
  12. Can I use a fake tan?
  13. How many people in the bridal party are you able to work with within the time frame?
  14. Are you able to duplicate a wedding day look from pictures?
  15. How will you work with my wedding coordinator or wedding planner on the big day?
  16. Do you need any information from me before the special day?


Before you sign on the dotted line and book a professional wedding hair and makeup artist, it is a good idea to know about the financial policies and payment terms they have.

These basic questions are important to ask to avoid any surprises and select the right makeup artist.

  1. When is a deposit due?
  2. When will we receive a contract?
  3. What does your contract contain?
  4. Do you have payment plan options?
  5. When is the final payment due?
  6. What is your cancellation policy?
  7. What is your refund policy?
  8. What is your postponement policy?
  9. Do you have liability insurance?
Bride with bouquet and makeup on.
Photo by Jaymee from Jaymee Photography

Personal Fit

When selecting a potential artist, the last thing you need to do is ask yourself the right questions.

While talented makeup artists may be able to deliver a lot of what you ask for, you still need to ask yourself these questions so that you select the right artist for you.

  • Did they communicate well with you?
  • Did they listen well?
  • Do you like their prior work?
  • Does the makeup artist’s style match your wedding style?

Final Step

Once you have answers to all this essential question list of what to ask makeup artists for weddings, you will be closer to this important decision in your wedding planning process.

The next step as a bridal party is to look at these answers and decide together which of the talented artists is the perfect fit to deliver your bridal look the best.

Once you have made that final decision you can then move look to finalize some of the other types of wedding vendors.

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