Eco Friendly Wedding Favors

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An eco-friendly wedding. Sounds like something from the future, doesn’t it? Yet many brides (and their grooms) are bringing their passion for everyday eco-friendliness to create their own eco-friendly wedding.

They want to ensure that from the reception venue through to their transport, that they make the kindest choices possible for the environment.

When it comes to wedding favors, we’ve found some delightful earth-friendly ideas for you to consider.

let love grow wedding favor for plants

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas

Pinterest is your friend when it comes to wedding ideas. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it’s a huge search engine with millions of ideas to look through. We’ve done the looking for you though, and put together this cute list of green wedding favor ideas:


Sounds weird, but you don’t actually need to give your guests wedding favors. This allows you the time and money to put into other areas of your wedding.

Little succulents in pots

Succulents are in trend at the moment. They are also low maintenance and easy to grow, meaning you can take your own cuttings and pot them at home months ahead of your wedding.

Foliage centerpieces

‘let love grow’ tags

Instead of choosing cut flowers to decorate your tables, plant a variety of flowers or foliage into containers and place one at each seating place.

Edible treats

Why not make your own green treats, such as cookies or fudge. You could source local honey or even fair trade coffee.

Dried herbs and flowers

A lavender bush at home can give you flower heads to sit inside great smelling bags. Herbs in the garden can be dried and mixed to form a sprinkle that guests can take home and use on their next meal.


Why not break up your bouquet and those of your bridal party into smaller ones and send guests each home with a small memento they can press and dry.

Flower seeds

seed bags

Some brides package seeds they have purchased, others from seeds in their own garden. You can make your own packaging (or not) and attach a little note of thanks to each favor.

Final thoughts

In all honesty, the wedding industry has been a bit slow in the eco-friendly area. There’s still a focus on providing exactly what the engaged couple wants, which is great.

Hopefully these eco friendly wedding favor ideas are exactly what you are looking for to give your guests on the big day.

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