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Trash The Dress Photoshoots And What To Know

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Wedding day photos are a given, and one of the challenges of capturing beautiful photos is ensuring your beautiful bridal gown stays somewhat clean despite walking through gardens and forests.

Sometimes after the wedding, the married couple chooses to have a trash the dress photoshoot that is all about intentionally getting the wedding dress in a mess.

Here we go over what these trash the dress photoshoots are as well as some ideas for your own trash the dress day with your partner.

trash the dress photoshoot.

What is a Trash the Dress Photo?

A photo shoot where you ‘trash the dress’ is a style of wedding photography that allows you to contrast the elegant clothing against an environment where it is out of place.

Some people call it a ‘rock the frock’ photoshoot – as it’s not about ruining or disrespecting your bridal gown. It’s about having fun and being creative in your dress, and celebrating your love in a potentially messy or destructive environment.

You’d generally do a trash the dress photoshoot after your wedding day.

What Makes a Great Trash the Dress Photo?

You shared your wedding day with your closest family and friends. A trash the dress day is just about you and your partner! It’s about doing what makes you happy while wearing your treasured dress.

If the thought of destroying your wedding dress makes you horrified, relax. It doesn’t have to be stained with paint or ripped into shreds. Instead, brides are coming up with plenty of creative ways to have fun, express their love for their partner and show off their stunning gown once more.

Here are some ideas that both wedding photographer Kate from Still Waters Photography suggest considering:

  • Venturing into a waterfall or walking hand in hand along the beachfront
  • Chucking colorful chalk or paint at each other
  • Playing with your animals
  • Lying in a meadow at sunrise or elegantly perched up a tree
  • Diving underwater towards each other
wife in wedding dress on rocks by the ocean with her partner holding her hand to help.

Of course, whatever you decide to do – please be careful and mindful that you’re wearing a garment that’s potentially restrictive and heavier than usual, so if you’re going in or near water, be incredibly cautious

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