Choosing Wedding Processional Music

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Most likely you’ve already thought about what you want your wedding processional music to be. Something soft and romantic as you walk down the aisle, or the song that was playing when you first met.

Processional music is traditionally played as the bride walks down the aisle. But have you considered what music the groom should walk to? Here are some key tips on choosing wedding processional music as well as a list of songs to potentially use.

Wedding processional with father and daughter walking with guests around.

Choosing Your Processional Music 

We think it’s a really neat idea for both the bride and groom to choose their own processional music.

So now comes the tricky bit – choosing your music! Here are a few suggestions on how to do this:

  • Think about your venue’s acoustics – if your ceremony is inside, you are able to have songs with vocals as they’ll be heard easily. At an outside venue, not so much, so choose instrumental versions instead.
  • Tempo – if you want to run or dance up the aisle, pick a fast song. A slow-moving tempo lets you walk elegantly and avoid tripping.
  • Song length – unless you have an enormous aisle or bridal party, your song will need to be cut short. Make sure you pick one which can be cut short easily.
  • One song or two – both the bride and groom can have processional music! Many couples let the groom choose a more up beat and faster tempo song, with the guests clapping to it as he goes up the aisle.
  • Lyrics – if you are having a song with lyrics, make sure you read them first! Songs can have multiple meanings and certain words you’d rather your Nana didn’t hear.
  • Recessional song – as well as the song or songs you both walk up the aisle to, you also need one when you exit. The recessional song is a happy and faster tempo song as you’re now married!

Finding Your Processional Music

Firstly, make a note of all the songs you both like, and discuss each one. You may already have firm favorites, and your search ends here. If you aren’t quite certain, a quick search online will prove you with plenty of options for your processional music.

You could spend some time on YouTube searching for certain music themes or decades. Or simply decide on an artist and play their music until you’ve found the ones you love.

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