Choosing Signature Drinks For Weddings

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It’s time to say ‘Yes!’ to the signature cocktail! Many wedding venues with an open bar are often asked by couples to prepare and serve a signature cocktail. So, here are a few ideas and tips on choosing a signature cocktail for your wedding.

Signature drinks for wedding with mint and raspberries on a table outside.

Selecting Your Wedding’s Signature Cocktail

You’ve taken time to select your wedding theme and colours, the types of guest favors and your favorite music – now you need a cocktail. A signature cocktail is created to help a couple celebrate their big day, plus express a few things about the happy couple. Because of this, your favorite colours, scents, tastes, textures and cultural celebrations are just a few of the things you should consider when picking yours.

But there’s more things to consider. Your colour theme, style of wedding, number of guests, time of the year and budget also need to be thought about. Often a couple will choose their signature cocktail early on, in which case they’ll have the ability to base their colours and themes around it. If you’ve left it till the last minute and you want it to relate to your wedding choices, it can be trickier to pick one.

Of course, your cocktail can be a stand-alone feature, having nothing to do with your chosen colours or theme. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a cocktail based upon the way it tastes!

Suggestions for Your Signature Cocktail

The venue will often work with couples on tailoring their cocktail to their special day, as well as making and serving them to your guests. Here are five popular suggestions to help you in your cocktail tasting search:

  • Rum Orange Swizzle – a summer cocktail containing rum, maraschino liquor, bitters and freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • The White Wedding – a lovely combination of lime, white cranberry juice and vodka.
  • Rose Lemonade – a refreshingly light cocktail of rose wine, lemonade and club soda.
  • Mulled Wine – Serving hot mulled wine to your guests, ideal for a winter’s day.
  • Spiked Apple Cider Cocktail – another winter warmer, containing gin, apple cider, lime juice, cinnamon and a sugar syrup.

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