5th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Congrats on your 5th year together! This milestone is a key chapter in your love story. A special gift is a lovely way to commemorate it. By tradition, the 5th anniversaries are marked with wood gifts, symbolizing sturdy bonds. The modern take is silverware, representing a refined love. Let’s explore some fitting 5th-anniversary gift ideas for this special day.

Log carved into a heart with multiple log ends surrounding, with the word woof in the middle of the heart

Wood-Themed Fifth Anniversary Gifts

Wood is the traditional 5th-anniversary gift, offering a wide range of creative ideas for a meaningful and unique gift. Its deep roots theme symbolizes the strength of your relationship over half a decade of marriage.


A personalized wooden frame makes the perfect wooden anniversary gift. With this customizable photo frame, you can choose to write a special message or perhaps a copy of your wedding vows on the exterior and pick your favorite picture from your years together to display when the frame is opened. This thoughtful present will serve as a lasting reminder of your love and make a great addition to your home decor.


Depending on your individual style and decor, a wooden sign featuring your family name makes a great anniversary gift. A special message could be engraved along with your family name and wedding date, creating a unique design that captures your love story.


A personalized wooden wine box is the perfect gift for any wine-loving spouse. Engraved with your loved one’s name and wedding date, this thoughtful present leaves a lasting impression. Choose a bottle of wine they love and write a heartfelt love letter celebrating your five years together. It’s a gift they’ll be sure to love.

Wooden wine box with wine glass and bottle of wine inside


Tree planting has been a part of wedding traditions for 100s of years. Planting a tree is a beautiful way to celebrate a special day, such as an anniversary. As the tree grows, it symbolizes the strong roots and deep bonds that have developed over your five years together. It’s a perfect way to commemorate your fifth wedding anniversary.

Personalized Wooden Guitar Picks with Case

For a music-loving partner, a Personalized Wooden Guitar Picks with Case is a great gift idea. Engraving the pick with your wedding date, a loving message, or your partner’s initials adds a unique and thoughtful touch that shows the effort and thought put into the gift.

Personalized Coasters

Personalized coasters are a great home decor gift that hits the traditional wood theme. Engraved with your first names, family name, and the date you were married, these gorgeous coasters a sure to be admired by your guests for years to come.

Wooden Decision Coin

For a couple with a great sense of humor, this decision coin is a great gift that will take the guesswork out of whose turn it is to do the dishes. Each side of the coin is engraved with your or your spouse’s name. Flip the coin next time you are debating chores.

Ten Reasons I Love You Box Set

This laser-cut and engraved wooden heart tokens and box set are sure to hit the mark with your loved one. Personalized with messages reminding your partner of all the little things you love and appreciate about them. This eco-friendly gift is sure to make them smile.

Wooden Hearts

Wooden platter board

Maybe you’re a couple who feels they already have everything you need gifts-wise. This wooden platter is a great option for a joint present to buy yourselves. Plan a fancy picnic celebration for your anniversary, and take along this gorgeous wooden serving tray to share your picnic in style. Customizable with your family name or wedding date, this gift will be enjoyed for years to come.

Paper Wooden Rose

Flowers are often part of any anniversary gift, but fresh flowers wilt and must be thrown away in time. This Paper Wooden Rose is a long-lasting alternative that perfectly fits the traditional 5th-anniversary gift idea theme. Hand-crafted, this work of art is a great visual addition to your decor, reminding you of your anniversary for years to come.

Modern 5th Anniversary Gifts: Silverware

Silverware on table top

Silverware is the modern theme for the 5th wedding anniversary gift. Silver, with its high quality and shine, is symbolic of your love, refined over the years of marriage.


Personalized knives can be a great addition to your kitchen. This personalized chef’s knife set is a great gift idea for the budding chef in your life. Have your family name or anniversary date engraved on the blade to create a practical gift that’s also a lovely reminder of your special occasion.

Silverware Set

After five years together, your silverware could do with an upgrade. Ditch your mismatched cutlery for this hammered silver silverware set. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this “durable, corrosion resistant and nickel free” set is dishwasher safe and a great option for a 5-year modern anniversary gift idea.

BBQ Utensil set

A Barbecue Grill Utensils Kit with Aluminium Case is the perfect gift idea for a spouse who enjoys cooking up a storm on the BBQ. With this 10-piece stainless steel BBQ tool set, grilling and outdoor cooking become a breeze. A practical and thoughtful gift, sure to get you outdoors socializing in the warmer months.

Fifth Anniversary Gemstone: Sapphire

In addition to traditional anniversary gifts and modern themes, each anniversary also has a gemstone associated with it. For the fifth wedding anniversary, that gemstone is sapphire or pink tourmaline.


Sapphire jewelry, in color blue or pink, is a special gift for the fifth wedding anniversary. A sapphire ring or necklace is a beautiful reminder of your love that your spouse can wear daily. It’s the perfect way to honor this important milestone in your relationship.

Blue Sapphire Stone held in tweezers

Whether you go traditional, modern, or mix it up, the real gift is the love and thought you put into it. So, pick a gift that reflects your shared journey and special experiences. Happy Anniversary!

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