5 Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding Dress

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Instead of leaving it in a box for eternity, why not repurpose your wedding dress instead? From donating it to a charity that makes gowns for stillborn babies, through to creating a memory quit or transforming it into a new item of clothing, we’re sharing five possibilities with you.

Brides by Donna Rae sell brides the dress of their dreams, and while many brides are happy to simply use it for one day, some brides have other plans. So instead of reselling it, we’ve put together five ideas on how you can repurpose your wedding dress.

5 Ideas on How to Repurpose Your Wedding Dress

Wedding dress preservation is done so well nowadays that it is realistic to keep your dress in top condition and pass it down to your daughters and granddaughters.  However, there are no guarantees that they’ll want to wear it or fall in love with it as you did.

So instead of letting it lie in a box, why not repurpose your wedding dress in one of these five ways instead:

  1. Dye or alter it – if you’ve got a dress without a train, then dyeing it a new colour can make it wearable for other occasions. Hiring a dressmaker to shorten your dress or remove extra accessories is also possible.
  2. Home décor crafts – fancy some pillows for your bedroom or a table runner for a special occasion? You may even get very crafty and sew a baby quilt from it!
  3. Clothing – why not create a scarf, a new skirt, or a clutch purse with fabric from your dress? If you are religious, then reuse the fabric to make a first communion or baptismal gown. If you have a lot of lace on your dress, then it may just be perfect for creating some pieces of lingerie with. I had my Maid of Honour dress made into a dress for my best friend’s wee girl as a special gift.
  4. Dress ups – save your dress for your kids to play dress ups in when they get older. Or sew them their very own mini wedding dress from your dress fabric. You may even want to wear an item of clothing together with them that you made from your dress too.
  5. Wedding album – use pieces of lace and fabric together with sequins to decorate your wedding album with.

However, if you decide that none of these sounds like something you’d like to do, remember that you could donate your dress to a charity, sell it to a bride to be or simply keep it for “one day.”

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