4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Congrats on your four-year wedding milestone! If you’re seeking a fitting gift for this occasion, look no further. Traditionally, the fourth-anniversary theme is fruit and flowers, while the modern take is electrical appliances. Let’s explore top fourth-anniversary gifts to celebrate this special day!

Fruit and flowers

Fruit and Flower-Themed Fourth Anniversary Gifts

Fruits and flowers, the traditional 4th anniversary gift, provide a vast array of options for heartfelt and imaginative presents.


A carefully chosen fruit basket offer great date opportunities for a creative picnic date. Bursting with different fruits and bright colors, this traditional fourth anniversary gift is not only nutritious but also symbolizes the growth and full bloom of your love. Pack a wicker basket of your favorite fruits and head off on a sunset picnic together or to a local nature reserve. You could cut up the different fruits and create an array of fruit skewers and sweet dipping sauces for your shared picnic.

If you’re more adventurous and would rather head for the hills, this backpack-style picnic basket may be more to your taste.

Picnic basket with fruit scattered around on a red picnic blancket

Hanging Fruit Baskets

A hanging fruit basket is a wonderful 4th wedding anniversary gift. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle and adding a stylish touch to the home make it a practical and symbolic gift. Fill the basket with colorful fresh fruit and free up bench space with this unique fruit basket.

Fruit themed jewelry

Fruit-themed jewelry can be a creative and thoughtful way to honor the 4th wedding anniversary tradition. There are some really cute options when it comes to choosing a unique piece of jewelry for your spouse. Keeping with the fruit theme is easy with these cute pomegranate seed earrings or this subtle avocado necklace.


Fresh flowers are the traditional 4th-anniversary gift in the United States. A floral arrangement is an excellent way to celebrate four years of marriage, especially when tailored to your spouse’s preferences. Bonus points if you find flowers in the hues of blue topaz, the gemstone color associated with this anniversary year! Fresh flowers are fairly easy to pick up at your local store and are always a hit, but here at M2B, we like to think outside the box.

So here are a couple of flower-themed options that won’t wilt over time. This blue topaz and flower ring is not quite fresh flowers but is a beautiful option that hits the traditional gifts mark. And this beautifully made flower-shaped blue topaz necklace is sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Fruit Trees

A fruit tree is a great 4th wedding anniversary gift as it symbolizes your relationship’s deepening roots and ongoing growth. What a fun way to acknowledge your love for each other by planting seeds that will grow into fruit trees. As the tree matures and bears fruit over the years, it’s a living testament to your shared journey and the fruitful love you both continue cultivating.

Couple kisses as the plant tree


A planter is a great customizable gift that hits the “flowers” traditional wedding anniversary gift. Adding a personal touch to a planter makes for a thoughtful gift that can house either flowers or fruit plants. You could engrave it with your wedding date, making it a sentimental 4-year anniversary gift that grows along with your love. Here are a few customizable planters your spouce is sure to love.

Personalized Pots with Engraved Photo

Personalized Planter Pot

Flower Pot Gift

Fruit Tea

A gift box of assorted fruit teas is a great 4th-anniversary gift for any tea lover. With flavors such as blueberry merlot, kiwi lime, and ginger, this gift set perfectly hits the anniversary fruit tradition. Pair this box of assorted fruit teas with a gorgeous new kettle, such as this Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle, and cover the traditional and modern gift ideas for your loved one.

Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are an excellent choice for a 4th wedding anniversary gift. They are a great option for a traditional 4th-anniversary gift of fruit and flowers, providing a lasting representation of your shared growth and blooming love.

Modern 4th Anniversary Gifts: Appliances

While fruits and flowers are the traditional wedding anniversary gift, electrical appliances are the modern 4th-anniversary gifts. They represent the practical aspects of a four-year-old marriage that are comfortable and efficient. After four years together, you probably have most of the typical appliances already, so here are some four-year anniversary gifts you may not already own:


For the couple who enjoys their morning coffee together, this Breville Barista coffee machine is the perfect fit. It’s a practical gift that promises many more shared moments over a steaming cup of joe. You may, however, be in the market for something a little less fancy with easy cleanup. This L’OR Barista System Coffee and Espresso Machine may be more your style.

Bluetooth speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is a fantastic gift as it encourages shared experiences, enabling the couple to enjoy their favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks together, strengthening their bond. Set the speaker up in the kitchen and boogie around while you cook dinner together and draw a bubble bath to share, and play some soothing music to help you both relax. Whatever you choose, a Bluetooth speaker is sure to be a useful investment for years to come.


An air fryer is a modern 4th-anniversary gift that offers a fun way to cook healthier versions of favorite foods. It’s a perfect four-year anniversary gift showing your care for your partner’s health while offering convenience. Maybe you have been reluctant to jump on this trend yet, but with so many awesome air fryer recipes, you can recreate your favorite meals in less time and with less oil.

Vinyl record player

A vinyl record player is a symbol of timeless love that aligns with the modern resurgence of vintage aesthetics, marrying the past with the present in a unique and meaningful way. Pair this vintage gift with a vinyl copy of your first dance song and sway the night away in each other’s arms.

Self Heating coffee mug

For a couple who has it all, why not consider this Self-Heating Coffee Mug? Your spouse will love this thoughtful gift. A self-heating coffee mug keeps your coffee at the right temperature from the first sip till last. Simple to use and rechargeable.

Beer or wine Fridge

No doubt, after four years together, you have a full-sized fridge. However, a beverage fridge may be something you haven’t yet acquired. Whether you plan to fill it with beer for the man cave or use it to store wine and beverages for those BBQs on long summer nights, this appliance is sure to be put to good use.

Milkshake Maker

Milkshake makers are such a 90s nostalgia benchtop appliance. Reminisce sitting at the ice cream parlor sipping your favorite milkshake right from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Rotary Shaver

A mini portable rotary shaver is a great “appliance” gift idea. Travel size, waterproof, and rechargeable with a USB port, this shaver makes a great gift for a partner who travels a lot. About the size of a pack of AirPods, save space in your overnight bag with this thoughtful gift.

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