1st Wedding Anniversary Present Ideas

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If you’re waiting for your wedding day to come around, time is probably dragging. But for us old-married-people, time goes fast.

Hitting the 1 year married milestone is exciting. You’re officially not-newlyweds, you’ve settled into married life and the future has lots of possibilities.  

Celebrating your 1st wedding anniversary is important. Today we wanted to share some neat 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas for your first year married.

Present ideas for paper wedding anniversaries

The customary route to take with wedding anniversary gift selection is based on the “traditional wedding anniversary gift list“.  There’s a couple of options – a US-version, a UK-version and a Modern option.  The US-version seems to be what most NZ couples go with – for your first year, this is paper.

Note: The US has paper for the first wedding anniversary, and cotton for the second wedding anniversary. For the UK, it’s the opposite way around (cotton for the first anniversary, paper for the second anniversary), so don’t worry if you decide to follow the UK version – just check out our post on cotton anniversary gift ideas here instead. If you are coming up to your second wedding anniversary, and decided to follow the UK version, then you’re in luck with this post, as the second wedding anniversary gift is paper in the UK version (my brain has been tied in knots writing that paragraph, so hopefully it makes sense!)

The usual first wedding anniversary gift ideas

I thought I’d start with the “typical” ideas – as these might spark inspiration and are typical for a reason

  • Their favourite book from Book Depository (a favourite of mine because they offer free shipping). If they have a particular book they love, chances are they already own a copy. But a limited edition, signed copy of their all time favourite book would be really special. Bonus points if quotes from the book made it into your wedding vows.
  • Plane tickets. If you got a honeymoon on top of a wedding, it might be a bit of a stretch financially – but tickets for a holiday somewhere would certainly make for a memorable wedding anniversary!
  • Tickets to something else. Is there a concert coming up, or a movie on that they want to go and see? Think a bit outside the square for “paper” and you might find something that is a really unique present idea.

Reflect back on your wedding day

I Still Do Marriage Journal

Perfectly matching the “little white book“, the sequel  is the ‘I still do’ diary. It is a beautiful and unique anniversary journal made up of thoughtful prompts and questions to reflect on your wedding and your marriage, while setting goals for the future. ‘I still do’ encourages meaningful conversations between couples, helps them celebrate their marriage; and creates a special keepsake and memory book. Find out more details here or watch/read my review here.

First kiss flip book

Did you get a wedding video? If your partner has rewatched it enough times to burn a hole in the DVD, then an animated flip book might be the sweetest thing you could possible give them. Imagine being able to relive your first kiss as husband and wife/wife and wife/husband and husband in analog format:

Shop this here

Custom Illustrated Art

If you haven’t yet done so, a wedding album or photos from your wedding day may be a lovely gift. If your wife was super-organised, then chances are these ideas are null and void. However here’s a beautiful way of memorialising something from your wedding that even the most organised bride won’t have thought of – a custom illustration of her wedding flowers:

first wedding anniversary gift for her
Anniversary Gift here

The same artist also does the most darling watercolour illustrations of your pet, here’s my favourite below. If you’ve added to your family with a fur-baby in your first year of marriage, this might be especially poignant.

custom pet portrait wedding anniversary gift idea
Pet Portrait here

If you’re looking for a way of memorialising your wedding vows and your first dance lyrics, the “Love Birds Wedding Vow & Lyrics Print” is a special way to do it. All your special words are included within the print. It’s available as a printable file, so you don’t have to wait for shipping – or you can order on canvas or photo paper to frame yourself.

Vow Print here

This wonderful paper cut portrait perfectly captures a fairytale romance!

First Wedding Anniversary Gift here

If you’d like to feature a wedding photo and your vows, this is an awesome option too:

Vow Print here

This modern wedding vow print is a stunning option too

Anniversary Gift here

Custom Jewellery

If your partner wears cufflinks regularly, a customised set of cufflinks for your first wedding anniversary could be a special gift for your husband. These cufflinks are custom made with your first dance lyrics on them, but you could opt to have your wedding vows included instead.

first wedding anniversary present for husband
Gift for Him here

You can also send your wedding invitation to the shop and have it made into a pair of cufflinks or a tie pin:

remember your wedding anniversary
Gifts for Him here

For the music lover, how about a mix tape wall print, specially customised with your names, wedding date and first dance song?

fun paper wedding anniversary present
Mixtape wall art print here

If you’re a couple who enjoys travelling, a print highlighting the places you met, live, got married and honeymooned would be a special idea.

Adventure Print here

Paper wedding anniversary gift ideas

If you’ve purchased or built your first home relatively recently, then what about a customised illustration of your first home together? This watercolour artist uses a photograph of your house to create a unique piece of art.

Custome Home Painting here

If your partner is not so sentimental, a modern print might be up their alley? This print is an instant download and you can print it yourself, so if you’re a bit late to your gift shopping, you won’t be caught out…

Anniversary Print here

Wedding anniversary gift ideas that look to the future

Part of having a wedding anniversary is looking back at how far you’ve come since you got married – but it’s also about looking ahead to the future as a couple. These next couple of gift ideas are a fun way to look forward in your relationship, and they double as incredible anniversary presents as well!

Compile a bucket list for future travels, in a beautiful bound bucket list book. There are a few different designs, see them here.

Shop this here

DIY your wedding anniversary present and make a date jar. Make sure you don’t fall into the rut of dinner and a movie, and instead mix it up with different date activities. I have a ton of different date ideas (plus instructions for how to make it) here.

DIY Date Jar Instructions

Last minute wedding anniversary ideas

I know that your first year of wedded bliss can go by pretty quickly, so it’s forgivable if your wedding anniversary has snuck up on you (as long as you don’t forget the actual day… wooooo you’re in trouble).

Anyway, I’ve listed some ideas below that are still special and awesome, but are also available quick-smart, so you don’t have to wait for something to arrive in the post (pro-tip: also avoids going around the shops).

These “Home is where the heart is” personalised prints are a great idea, available with a quick turnaround and make for a fun local touch to your art collection:

Customised Print here

For the romantic in all of you, a cute print like this is a fun wedding anniversary gift idea. This print lists famous couples and is personalised with your names, then emailed to you within 24 hours if necessary.

cheap wedding anniversary idea
Famous Couples Wall Print here

One year wedding anniversary cards

You can’t very well give a present without a gift card! How about these options? (Click on the image to go to the shop that sells them, if you’re interested)

Love Paper Rainbow here
I Still Do here
First Wedding Anniversary Card here

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