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15 Sweet Gift Ideas For The Bride From The Bridesmaids

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Are you a bridesmaid looking for the perfect gift to give the bride-to-be? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether it’s a special something to give on her wedding day or something on the bachelorette party or engagement party. This post is a compilation of our favorite gift ideas from the bride tribe to the bride.

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Being asked to be a bridesmaid is quite a responsibility and one that can come with a price tag when you factor in all the costs it entails. It’s still good wedding etiquette to give the bride a gift even if you’re already paying for bridesmaid duties. That being said, these gifts don’t need to be expensive! Here are 15 bride gift ideas from bridesmaid.

1. Half barrel custom beaded clutch.

This gorgeous clutch is personalized for the bride-to-be featuring her soon-to-be new last name. This cute clutch is a perfect gift to give as a bridal shower gift and your bride can take it along at her bachelorette party and other pre-wedding events.

2. A personalized engagement ring dish.

This is a sweet gift that’s also super practical. It’s a beautiful way for the bride-to-be to store her engagement rings when she takes them off.

3. A plant or tree

Gift the couple a plant or tree that they can nurture and grow as they begin their life together. A lemon tree, bay leaf, or olive tree is an easy-to-maintain tree. For indoors or for couples that don’t have a lot of time or expertise with plants, something easy maintenance like a succulent is a good bet.

4. A wedding planning basket

A gift box centered around wedding planning is a great way to show the bride how excited you are about her journey. This basket has a diamond pen and a pretty notebook to jot down wedding ideas. It also has lip balm, a candle, and more. It’s beautifully color-coordinated and makes wedding planning extra fun!

5. A silk robe

Let your special bride feel a million dollars on her big day in a luxurious bridal robe, personalized to her. The other bridesmaids could chip in too and get some for the whole bridal party!

6. Boho-bride earrings

If you’re wanting to gift a piece of jewelry, these are perfect for your romantic boho bride-to-be. The pretty earrings feature delicate crystals, flowers, and leaves. They are earthy and romantic and a perfect pairing for boho-bride style.

7. Personalized champagne flutes.

Give your bride-to-be and her groom some fancy champagne flute. They can be personalized with the bride and groom’s last name. They come in a beautifully engraved box and make the perfect keepsake for the happy couple.

8. Engraved rose gold necklace

This simple and sweet gold necklace is given a personal touch with the engraving of the wedding date under the ‘Mrs’. It’s dainty and delicate and the right gift for a classic style bride-to-be

9. Pampering wedding favors – Night before bath bomb

This is a great option for something inexpensive but sweet. A way to let your friend know she deserves pampering and how excited you are for her big day.

10. A homemade piece of art

If you’re an artist, how special would it be if you created a unique piece for the happy couple? A homemade gift like this would be so full of meaning.

11. A box of self-care goodies

Here’s a thoughtful gift that won’t break the bank. Let your bride-to-be in your life unwind the night before her special day with a foot soak, bath goodies, lip balm, and more. If staying in hotel rooms before the wedding, it will feel extra luxurious in a fancy bath there! You can gift this at the rehearsal dinner, right before the big day.

12. A spa gift card

Spoil the bride-to-be with a spa gift card! It’s simple but one of the best gifts for a bride that’s stressed from wedding planning. She could use it before the wedding or afterward when it’s all done. You can also get all her best girls together and all go to the day spa!

13. Cookies

For unique bridesmaid gift ideas or if you’d rather not spend more money, you can make a gift like her favorite cookies or candies!

14. Slippers with bride’s new name

Being a bridesmaid is already quite an expensive responsibility, so this is great if you’re looking for something fun but not too expensive. These cute slippers have the bride’s new last name on them so it’s still a personalized gift. They can be worn at the sleepover before the wedding or taken on the honeymoon.

15. A personalized water bottle

Look after your girl and ensure she stays hydrated with this cool stainless steel water bottle! The stainless steel will last much longer than plastic so your bride-to-be can have this as a keepsake for a long time.

Have you got any other sweet bride gift ideas from bridesmaid to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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